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Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

Posted on: February 23, 2012 6:31 pm
So you still don't believe Ryan Braun?

Sorry, I can't help you.

So you're now claiming that the process is rigged, or that baseball didn't really want Braun suspended?

Sorry, can't help you.

Go ahead and tell me that it's "corrupt," as one Twitter follower wrote after Thursday's decision was announced in Braun's favor. Go ahead and call him a "coward," as another tweeter said.

Sorry, can't help you, because in that case you're not interested in justice.

And as for the idea that one not-guilty verdict taints other positive tests, seriously? When one criminal trial ends with not-guilty, do we empty the jails because every other conviction must be wrong, too?

If baseball or any other sport is going to have a drug-testing system, there needs to be a way for a player to appeal a positive test. If there's going to be an appeal process, it needs to be fair enough that if the player makes a legitimate case that the test was flawed, he gets off.

Ryan Braun's people made that case, and an independent arbitrator agreed with them, with his vote swinging a 2-to-1 decision on a three-man panel that also included a representative from the commissioner's office and one from the players' union.

That's an independent arbitrator, independent enough that MLB quickly issued a statement saying it "vehemently disagrees" with the decision.

Braun's people made the case that the chain of custody was a problem, that the sample wasn't sent for 48 hours after Braun took the test. They made the case with the help, no doubt, from an abnormally-spiked testosterone level in the test in question, and in a clean test that Braun took after the first result came back positive.

It's a tough case to prove, and that's why when the news of Braun's failed test first surfaced in December, the strong assumption was that his appeal had little chance of success. No one had ever successfully overturned a suspension before.

But if there never was going to be a first one to succeed, why have the appeal process at all? And if you're not going to have an appeal process, well, you explain to me how that's fair.

What's unfair right now is that news of the Braun positive test got out in the first place, and that it unfairly taints his reputation. You see now why the players insisted on confidentiality, with a suspension only announced after the appeal process was complete.

In all cases before this one, the news never did get out before the appeal.

So how should we look at Ryan Braun now?

With sympathy, I'd say. A flawed test is useless as proof of anything, so unless he fails a test where there is no question about the method or the chain of custody, he's as innocent as any other player in the game today.

Does this mean that MLB is clean? No. Does it mean that MLB won't take on its biggest stars? Definitely not.

Does it mean that Ryan Braun is absolutely clean? There's absolutely no way to know that, just as there's no way to know it with certainty about any player.

But with this verdict, he gets as much the benefit of the doubt as anyone else.

So what does this mean, then?

It means that the system works.

If you can't accept an independent arbitrator ruling in Braun's favor, then what exactly would you accept?

If the answer is nothing, then I go back to the start.

Sorry, can't help you.

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Since: Oct 8, 2011
Posted on: March 9, 2012 3:20 pm

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

According to the head of the world anti-doping agency, this argument is bogus! He said Olympian samples sit around all the time waiting on shipping. He also said this makes for an interesting mystery story, BUT has no basis is science! He was most concerned with the fact there was SYNTHETIC (Man-made) testosterone in the sample and at high levels. This means it DID NOT occur naturally. In other words, the Doctor in charge of the World Anti-Dopin Agency just called Braun & lawyer a liar! By the way, this report from the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency came on ESPN's Outside the Lines BEFORE this article!!!

Since: Oct 8, 2011
Posted on: March 9, 2012 3:07 pm

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

According to the physician in charge of the World Anti-Doping Agency Braun has little to stand on. The doctor said it made for great drama but had no basis in science. He had no problem with the test sitting a couple of days as this happens all the time with Olympian tests. Braun DID get off on a technicality, his sample had synthetic testosterone, not unusual levels of normal testosterone so you can forget your sabotage theory!

Since: Oct 8, 2011
Posted on: March 9, 2012 2:57 pm

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

No where was Braun found innocent - NO WHERE! That is the spin Braun & lawyer are claiming. He was found not guilty by technicality: huge difference!

Since: Mar 29, 2007
Posted on: March 2, 2012 10:15 am

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

I am glad to see this go through for Ryan not only cause I'm a Brewers fan but because it goes to show MLB that there are problems with their testing program and maybe they will go out and fix them
@ Acehole,

What problems with the testing program are you referring to???  Braun won his appeal on a TECHNICALITY - simply because the sample collector sent his sample in to the lab on Monday instead of Saturday. Yes, that gets Braun out of his suspension, but how does it vindicate him???

Since: Mar 29, 2007
Posted on: March 2, 2012 10:10 am

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

Knobler, you're a moron!!!!!!

Braun won his appeal on a technicality, not on the basis that he did not take a banned substance. There was NO evidence that his sample was "tampered" with.

Simply because he took another test after he had flushed whatever substance he was taking previously from his system does not negate the first positive test.

The decision to overturn Braun's supsension does NOTHING to "un-taint" his reputation. The only thing that could do that would be an explanation as to why the first test came back positive for any reason OTHER than Braun taking an illegal substance.

Since: Sep 7, 2006
Posted on: March 1, 2012 9:42 pm

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you


Whoa whoa whoa...

Lets back up a little here. I feel a little sping going on.

Dont worry....I will straighten it out for you.

Yes, I erroneiously said steriods, when the word I needed to use was testostone. ...

However you acted like you had not heard that story...


That was widely reported. Even Mike and Mike were talking about those levels..  ->THIS WEEK.

So, my little friend, it is you who is not valuabe.


It was widely reported on the levels of TESTOSTERONE.

I dont know who you thnk you are....but you kiddie time is over.

Stop being such a homer. Look at a pile of evidence and draw your own conclusions.

Is it nonsensical because YOU said so? oh okay. I get it. If the facts dont support your conclusion then it becomes nonsensical. The only thing I "misreported" was erroneously subsitituing the word steriods instead of testosterone. Yet, convientanly you dont even know that story...

Again, its because you are under-informed, or disinguenious.

My guess its a little from column A plus some from column B. Plus a little homerism for good measure.

Again, LOOK. IT. UP. I dare ya....or as you middle schoolers say: I double dog dare you.

Please utilize the search function on your computer. It can provide "valuable" information.

Peaface over and out.

Since: Oct 24, 2006
Posted on: March 1, 2012 6:02 pm

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

It will NEVER be final for everyone until we hear a statement from the arbitrator himself
to explain why? The appeal was heard by a rep from MLB, a rep from the players union
and obvious how they were voting...BUT the arbitrator needs to clarify to everyone why
this ruling was handed down based upon what?...and it really won't go away until we hear
why the science was not tested itself.

"The collector’s attempt to re-litigate his conduct is inappropriate, and his efforts will only
 be persuasive to those who do not understand the evidence or the rules."

by now everyone understands the rules and obviously the evidence and until the
arbitrator states or releases the whys of his ruling there is a hugh cloud
This will probably never happen but until it does Brauns
reputation will forever be NOT pure and based on what Braun and Mr Cornwell
has said about the collecter doesn't help the cause either

Reading the policy itself one will find (that) the collecter did EVERYTHING he was suposed
to under what was writtten. Nothing was tampered with...things were triple sealed, Braun
signed all necessary documents verifying it was his sample. Medical experts
from all over the world have stated that it is virtually impossible to have the readings
that were tested be what they were AND that keeping them for any length of time certainly
would not affect any breakdown....

Since everything else is fully cloudy and everyone is accusing one has to wonder
about the arbitrator and David Cornwall certainly is far from a genius lawyer

Since: Dec 29, 2011
Posted on: March 1, 2012 9:38 am

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

Again peaface

I said:
"Sorry peaface
"Braun had 3 times as high levels of steriods"
Is a lie. 
You don't know the facts yet you still have an opinion.
That's not valueable."

What you said wasn't "WIDELY reported by Fox Sports, ESPNNEWS, ESPN RADIO, and CBS."

YOU misreported it.

 The fact that instead of just admitting it you became offended and went on a defensive, whining and nonsensical rant...

is not valueable. 

Since: Sep 7, 2006
Posted on: February 26, 2012 4:32 pm

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

Ummmm.....It was WIDELY reported by Fox Sports, ESPNNEWS, ESPN RADIO, and CBS.

Give up man. You are obviously not informed and yet felt the need to go on the offensive.


Look it up fella!

Kiddie time is over. Go get some milk so you can grow up strong. You have a long week of middle school ahead of you.
Facts are in MLB's favor.

Seals on the sample were not broken (thats a fact, you can look up.)
He had record levels of testosterone (you can look that up too! seriously, you can!)

Since: Dec 29, 2011
Posted on: February 26, 2012 12:06 pm

Don't believe Braun now? Sorry, can't help you

"But for you to be so blunt, and act like you dont know that story either mean you are not informed, or disingenious"
that doesn't make any sense.

I said:
"Sorry peaface
"Braun had 3 times as high levels of steriods"

Is a lie. 
You don't know the facts yet you still have an opinion.
That's not valueable."

You can call me disengenious, but you don't know that either, so... You told another lie. Nicely done. That's 2. 

Which is not valueable.

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