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Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

Posted on: November 30, 2011 2:13 pm
Joey Votto

By C. Trent Rosecrans

What if players were only permitted to stay with the team that originally made them a professional? No trades, no Rule-5 Draft, no minor or major league free agency ... once you are a professional baseball player, you stay in that organization. This series shows how all 30 teams would look. We give you: Homegrown teams. To view the schedule of this feature, click here.

During the series, we've seen some lineups that would be completely foreign to the hometown fans, and some a little less so. The homegrown Cincinnati Reds, for better or worse, look quite similar to the team that took the field at Great American Ball Park this past season. While there are similar strengths, the same problems also crop up.


1. Jay Bruce, RF
2. Justin Turner, 2B
3. Joey Votto, 1B
4. Adam Dunn, LF
5. Juan Francisco, 3B
6. Drew Stubbs, CF
7. Devin Mesoraco, C
8. Zack Cozart, SS

Starting Rotation

1. Johnny Cueto
2. Mike Leake
3. Homer Bailey
4. Travis Wood
5. Zach Stewart


Closer - Aroldis Chapman
Set up - Todd Coffey, Logan Ondrusek, Jordan Smith, Josh Roenicke, Enerio Del Rosario
Long - Sam LeCure

Notable Bench Players

Yonder Alonso, Yasmani Grandal, Adam Rosales, Ryan Hanigan, Chris Heisey, Chris Denorfia, Chris Dickerson. The Reds hypothetical situation behind the plate is the same as their current situation, one underrated catcher and two promising prospects, a problem most teams would envy. The hypothetical Reds also have no real spot for Alonso, although a short leash on Dunn could have this homegrown team toy with the notion of trying Alonso in left -- just like the real Reds.

What's Good?

The lineup's going to put up runs, that's for sure. There are some lineup construction problems, but this team can flat out hit, especially in their home ballpark. The defense isn't as good as it is in real life, it's still not too bad (with the exception of Dunn). The team has a lot of talent behind the plate and the bench is deep with some versatility.

What's Not?

The Reds were unable to repeat their 2010 division title in large part because of the failings of their starting rotation -- that's not fixed with these five. There's also no real answer to the team's search for a leadoff man, just like the real Reds. This bullpen isn't as experienced or strong as the real thing, either.

Comparison to real 2011

While there are some key personel missing, like Brandon Phillips and Francisco Cordero, there's also an added boost to the lineup of Dunn (we'll just assume he would have performed closer to his career numbers than his historically bad 2011 in the familiar confines of Great American Ball Park than in Chicago), the offense would have been about the same. The pitching, though, is still a problem, so this squad may fair a bit worse than the team's 79-83 record. However, the team is interesting, talented and young.

Next: Kansas City Royals

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Posted on: December 2, 2011 5:25 pm
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Posted on: December 2, 2011 4:18 pm

Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

NO STUPID is someone saying they think something is stupid yet they read it and respond to it.

So THAT explains why you post on here for 8 hours a day.

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Posted on: December 2, 2011 3:37 pm
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Posted on: December 1, 2011 6:20 pm

Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

I do find it Interesting what some teams rosters would look like, but In my opinion I think that the Hometown series is stupid.

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Posted on: December 1, 2011 12:58 pm
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Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

The Reds scouting and farm system, were a wasteland just a few years ago. The Reds used to sign 7th round talent in the 1st round to save money...That situation has improved tremendously, but what hasn't improved much yet, is the minor league development and instruction, and even worse, the MLB level development and instruction. 

Dusty Baker and his coaching staff aren't just mediocre, they are  absolutely oblivious to the obvious, fornicators of fundamantals and impediments to improvement. The Reds could definately do better choosing some homegrown talent for their dugout staff, too...especially with all that raw young talent. Asking Dusty Baker to manage that much young talent is like hiring Charles Manson as your daughter's Girl Scout Leader.    

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Posted on: December 1, 2011 12:59 am

Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

As much as I miss Adam Dunn, I don't miss seeing #44 chase a ball to to the LF wall.

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Posted on: November 30, 2011 8:33 pm

Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

Adam Dunn in left field. That was funny. I don't care if Hatteberg is your first baseman put him back at catcher. Glad Jocketty is a competent GM.
If ballclubs stayed the same as is, the Yankees and Red Sox would be in deep, deep trouble. Who's hot on the free agent market is who they have their eyes set on year in and year out.
Hopefully the Reds can get it together this upcoming season.

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Posted on: November 30, 2011 6:57 pm

Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

What truly isn't fixed is the brain-dead coaching staff that lets a CF (Stubbs) strike out 200 times and say they intend to work on it in the off-season, as opposed to assuming that the guy wasn't worth fixing. Stubbs can't bunt because "they tried it and it didn't work" is a really lame excuse.

Pitchers who come into a game a bounce the first 12 pitches off the umpire before they throw a strike is the fault of the pitching coach and his bullpen assistant.

The farm system is about to yield a fine crop of young players. We're waiting to see how this coaching staff coughs it up again.

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Posted on: November 30, 2011 3:25 pm

Homegrown Team: Cincinnati Reds

Very interesting. Almost exactly the same as the team the Reds actually put on the field. Looks like the Reds are doing a good job developing talent in the minor leagues.

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