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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

Posted on: October 11, 2011 1:33 am
Edited on: October 11, 2011 1:41 am
Yadier Molina

By C. Trent Rosecrans

MILWAUKEE -- If you listen to the participants, the Cardinals openly mocking the Brewers and their celebrations --  just like the pre-series hostilities -- didn't happen, and is but a creation of the media. Yeah right.

The Cardinals usually play the businesslike, button-down style that's preached by manager Tony La Russa, who loves to quote the unwritten rules of baseball conduct and pass down judgements on anyone who dares do anything he sees as a transgression. The reason there was so much pre-series focus on the Brewers' over-the-top celebrations and exuberance was the dichotomy between that and how St. Louis has liked to portray itself during La Russa's long tenure. It's baseball city, with baseball played with class and all that other jargon. But it wasn't like that in Monday's Game 2 12-3 mauling of the Brewers at Miller Park.


From Albert Pujols' long stare and bat flip in the first inning (which, to be fair is far from out of the ordinary), to Yadier Molina's apparent "cry baby" motions after his seventh-inning single, the Cardinals bench ate it up and responded in kind. Was it a message?

"No, we were just having fun," Molina said. "It was nothing special. It's something personal."

Personal? Toward the Brewers, he was asked?

"No, no, no," Molina said. "We're trying to win games."

Prince Fielder, who brought the team "best mode" via his kids, and Nyjer Morgan, the team's chief instigator, both denied take offense or even noticing the Cardinals' Game 2 actions.

"No, man. No man, Nah. No," said Morgan, who like Molina seem to protest a little too much. "I guess they've got some emotion now, so be it. What do you want me to say?"

Said Fielder: "No. I really don't care, I'm trying to celebrate with my team. I would hope they're excited, it's the playoffs. I don't try to look into all that, I just try to play these games and as a team do what we do."

The Brewers may not have invented the call-and-response from the basepaths to the dugout, they've certainly embraced it -- doing their "beast mode" after every double or dribbler, every bunt or bomb. It clearly caught the attention of the Cardinals, especially in Game 1 when Ryan Braun and Fielder both hit impressive homers that fired up teammates and fans alike.

There's no doubt it can rankle other teams, rubbing those who take "acting like you've been there before" or the baseball codes or whatever very seriously (and of course, nobody does that more than the Cardinals). But to deny it, well, that's just telling us the sky is green or that Milwaukee's Best is really that or that when the offseason comes around, these two teams are going to get together in a nice drum circle and talk about the good times past. No, these teams don't like each other, and even a couple of denials can do nothing to camouflage that.

There was joy in the Cardinals actions, no doubt. It was actually refreshing to see it for once, to break that stoic facade. But make no mistake, there was also rancor and spite. No matter what anyone said. But hey, that -- plus some pretty good baseball -- keeps this series interesting, all the way to the end.

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

It seems to me so you guys are saying after a base hit you can point up to the sky like Pujols but you can't point to your family in the crowd like Prince Fielder or you are being disrespectful.  If the Cardinals don't like Prince pointing to the crowd then they should have Pujols stop pointing to the sky after his base hits.  To me both of these actions seem like the same thing to me.

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

29 double play balls say you are wrong.

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

Hey Terrance Trent Rose Colored Crayons,

This isn't the WWE and you aren't Vince McMahon.  This is baseball and the post season.  If players and fans aren't pumped up with emotion this time of year then go play chess or some other boring "sport."  Whereas, it is true these two teams have had issues with one another for a number of years I see nothing but joy in acheivement and not showing up the other.  I am ok with Prince and Braun having fun and pumping it up in game 1 they are playing a game for goodness sakes.  And they excelled at the most difficult thing to do in professional sports at the most pressure packed time.  Does Albert enjoy his HRs a bit too long, perhaps.  But until you hit 30 bombs every year for 11 straight years pipe down.  I wonder how long you stared down your computer screen after writing this.

Also, anyone notice the hot babe behind home plate at Miller Park with the large enhancements cheering on her Brewers and keeping score?  I think I'm in love!!!!      

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

This was really another must win for St. Louis and what have they done for over a month now in those situations....deliver and win?   Game 3 is going to be the best one of this series as both staff Aces will go.  I have to give the edge to Carpenter at home though.  Milwaukee is a great offensive club with a good bullpen (that had an off night last night) but their starting pitchers have an ERA over 7 in the post season.  That is why I think STL will wrap this up in 5 or 6 games. 

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 10:52 am

Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

Wow! Are you hurting to find some dirt! Did you time Albert's stare at his HR and put it in your "Stare at Home Runs" data base and compare it to AP's other home runs. Both teams have stepped up the class act - if you are looking for it. Of course if you are looking for the other stuff - as has been implied by personnel on both teams - you'll surely find it, but the problem may be with your vision, not the action on which you are feebly trying to report.

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2


But it's OK to spit on umpires and complain about lighting on ribbon boards (something even MLB laughed off)?

Stay classy!

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Cardinals do the celebrating in Game 2

It's funny how it's said that Pujols hustles, but doesn't say he "always hustles" - because he DOESN'T.

Case in point - his ground-rule double.  He stood in the box just watching the ball instead of even jogging down the line.  Would his hustle have come into question had the ball hit the sidewall instead of bouncing over?  Doubt it....

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