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Playoff Race: Cards, Giants creeping up on Braves

Posted on: September 18, 2011 11:02 pm
Edited on: September 18, 2011 11:06 pm
By Matt Snyder

The Braves coughed up a late lead Sunday and things continued to get interesting in the NL Wild Card race. With both the Giants and Cardinals winning, it's possible to view this as a three-team race. Hey, we'll take anything we can get this season, where many of the races have seemed foregone conclusions for the better part of September.

Unfortunately, none of these three teams play head-to-head the rest of the way. And keep in mind the Braves would have to lose 3 1/2 games of ground in just nine games. For some perspective, remember the Rockies winning 14 of 15 to close out 2007? They made up 4 1/2 games. So it's likely still going to be the Braves winning the Wild Card. Still, it's no sure thing and certainly bears watching.

Let's break it down.

Atlanta Braves
Remaining schedule: 3 @ FLA, 3 @ WAS, 3 vs. PHI chances of winning Wild Card: 88.8 percent

St. Louis Cardinals
83-69, 3.5 GB
Remaining schedule: 1 @ PHI, 3 vs. NYM, 3 vs. CHC, 3 @ HOU chances of winning Wild Card: 8.1 percent

San Francisco Giants
83-70, 4 GB
Remaining schedule: 3 @ LAD, 3 @ ARI, 3 vs. COL chances of winning Wild Card: 2.6 percent

Make serious note that the Phillies will not be playing for anything in those final three games against the Braves. They'll be trying to get healthy and set a playoff rotation first; playing to win the games second. In light of that, the Braves do have an easy path, but the Cardinals' schedule is pretty easy. The Giants have a tough task in front of them, just as they do in the West.

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Playoff Race: Cards, Giants creeping up on Braves

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Playoff Race: Cards, Giants creeping up on Braves

I was at the Braves game on Sunday and watched them walk in 2 runs, one of which happened on a walk to the pitcher with 2 outs, and which led to the Mets scoring even another when the next batter dropped a looper into right field.  Those runs that they gave away cost them the game. They were able to hang in there otherwise, even in spite of Beachy's otherwise surprisingly bad pitching. 

The Braves seem to always make it a close call like this, and I have been waiting all season for them to start dropping easy games and making mistakes to put themselves in a pinch.  As a Braves fans since the long sad seasons of the early 80s (when you could practically win a spot in the starting rotation by showing up to the game on time and having a seat close to the field) and through the great run they had in the 90s and 2000s, I am used to them bringing it down to the wire; if they didn't seem to choke as they get closer and closer to the World Series, I don't think they would feel like the Braves anymore.

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