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Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

Posted on: September 14, 2011 9:43 pm
Edited on: September 15, 2011 9:02 am

By Evan Brunell

Prince Fielder admits that 2011 is "probably the last year" in Milwaukee to TBS in a feature for the playoffs according to, sparking a controversy just before the postseason that the team doesn't need.

"I'm signed for this year, but being real about it, it is probably the last year," Fielder admitted to announcer Brian Anderson. "It's been great [to play with Ryan Braun], unfortunately, this is probably the last year of the one-two punch... But I think it's been good, [five] years, him and me. Hopefully, we can go out with a blast."

There's no question Fielder knows what he's doing with the bat: 222 home runs from 2006 to date speaks to that, as well as a powerful .294/.407/.543 line on the season with 32 home runs and 109 RBI in a league-leading 149 games. But he doesn't know what he's doing if he thought it was a good idea to candidly address his prospects of staying in Milwaukee, especially as the Brew Crew wraps up a successful season and heads into the playoffs with the NL Central crown.

While Fielder is only saying what many have guessed at for a while, he doesn't need to be packing his house up before his tenure with the Brewers is done. The team needs to focus on October, not on what happens after October. It's not Fielder's fault that he was posed the question -- one he's been asked all season -- but did he really need to answer candidly at this point? It's only going to take the focus of the team off of the postseason and onto Fielder.

"This game we play is a job, it's a profession," Braun, who now has to deal with the story, told Anderson. "Sometimes I think we lose sight of that which is a good thing. But there's always a business side. Everybody has to do what is in their best interest. The best interest of their family. Guys earn a right to become free agents. You never know what's going to happen when you get there. But for him, I couldn't see why every team in baseball wouldn't want him on their team. Certainly, he will get some huge offers in the offseason. So for us right now, we are just trying to enjoy while we're together, enjoy the fact that he's still a member of the Milwaukee Brewers and accomplish as much as we can this year."

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Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

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Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

Prince is going to CA either to Gaints or Angles when the season is over. Because I can not see the Red Soxes paying him when they got Gonzalez last off season and Ortiz as DH. As for the Yankees they have Mark T. at 1st but maybe DH for Prince but Prince stated he would not due that for no money (yeah right). So west is where he will be next year unless the league gets Smart to Scott Boris which is the agent for Prince and no team gives him the money he wants. Should be interesting this off season because I think one of the two biggest free agents hit the market. The frist since AROD went to TX

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 10:50 pm

Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

Amen. The MLB sucks until it has a salary cap and franchise tag. Small market teams have to be perfect, while large market teams can make any mistake. Not to mention small market teams have to try and rebuild every 4-5 years. Don't throw out the Mets as an example, yeah, big market with bad management. Just would nice to see some FAs goto KC or Pittsburg. Best part of the NFL is that every year teams can get better.

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Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

totally trueLaughing

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Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

Here is the thing, when Jim Thome played for the Tribe in his prime, he told Cleveland fans that he always wanted to be an Indian and he didnt want to go anywhere else.....not an exact quote, but the basics of how the media played it out.  However, when the offseason came, he got a better offer from the Phillies and jumped ship.  Cleveland fans hated him for being two faced.

Now, when you ask Prince Fielder what he is going to do, he answers candidly and says ..... I am going to take the best offer- again, not an exact quote, but close enough and this story is blasting him for being too candid.  

You cant win when the media looks for villains....the funny thing is Prince is making an honest remark.  I dont blame is baseball no matter where you play.  I would definately take the most money.  So would everyone else.       

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 7:06 pm

Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

Pretty obvious that Prince is all about $$$ and ego.  Mark Attanasio treats his players like family, and he will make Prince a fair offer, but that won't matter in the end.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 6:36 pm

Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

Understood BlackLabsRule...

To be fair, you have simply look a little deeper to grasp my standpoint. I will try to clarify. Why were the Phillies able to acquire Halladay?  Well, because the Blue Jays knew they had to trade him, he was leaving either way.  So, per usual, a small market team is given no choice but to unload him.  That is clearly factor one in this.  Factor two is literally 2 or 3 teams MAX could make a legit run at Halladay.  Toronto was going to do everything possible to NOT trade him to the Yankees or Red Sox, the Dodgers are in financial ruin, the Mets minor league system stinks not to mention he would have vetoed that deal anyhow.   
Plus, like the Cubs, those latter "money" teams were not in the playoff hunt, and would not risk trading for a soon to be FA if felt they could not keep him...You following me? 

My point? There was no market for the best pitcher in baseball.  At least not a fair one. Crazy, but true. Toronto faced a stark reality, take what the Phillies offered (not much looking at what it has done for the Blue Jays I might add), trade to NY or Boston (NOPE), or let Halladay walk for nothing.  Good system.  Phila did not even have to give their best OF prospect in the deal because they knew this! They had Toronto by the proverbial balls... 

Cliff Lee?  Same deal as above brother more or less when they aqcuired him via trade from the Mariners, and yes, he did do a FA deal the second go-around.  However, money talks and when you are spending literally more than the mighty, big spending Boston Red Sox in payroll, its not as if he came through for the little guy.  He went to the insanely easier NL (for pitchers) and got paid just as well (or damn well close enough) as he would have in NY...

Roy Oswalt trade was another criminal deal where the Phillies took advantage of ownership that had one foot out the door and again, knew that Oswalt was one of the few valuable assets available to trade to bolster there anemic minor league system.  Much like we just observed with the Hunter Pence deal...

This is not really about being anti-Philly.  I have more important things to do than go out of my way to be a hater of individual teams for the most part.  I am a hater of a system where not only do the few have enormous monetary advantages, but also can hijack the powerless by plundering their rosters with pathetic deadline deals where players strong arm their way to certain teams (through no trade clauses, and threats) Have you been paying attention to what has happened to the game?  Its a joke.  There has not really been a legit race for the better part of a month, September has been meaningless.  So it might be fine and dandy for a Yankee fan, but not so much for most everyone else!      

I never once brought up homegrown Cole Hamels in my initial post.  However, since you did, you think any team outside the Red Sox and Yankees could even dream of retaining him as essentially a 3rd or 4th starter besides the Phillies?  Hell, half of the league would have trouble keeping him from leaving as a FA for "Greener" pastures if he was their teams ace for crying out loud.  Jesus, Joe Blanton, the guy who went into the season as their 5th starter makes 10 mil, and that starting five alone has a bigger payroll that one third of the teams in baseball! This my friends, aint competitive balance...    &

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 6:20 pm

Fielder: 'Probably last year' in Milwaukee

All that money and stuff around Prince won't matter when he is done.  That is when he must ask himself, what now?  Worrying about his RFA decisions are like Mickey Mouse was in his early life.  Think about that for a sec.

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