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Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

Posted on: September 6, 2011 1:15 pm
Edited on: September 6, 2011 1:16 pm

By Evan Brunell

The New York Mets plan to pare payroll significantly next season, taking a $140-million team and slashing it down to at least $110 million, if not under $100 million.

The Mets aren't ready to commit to an overall payroll plan for 2012 because a lot of the decision hinges both on 2012 ticket prices and the fate of Jose Reyes. The team has yet to determine next year's ticket prices, which will directly influence the team's payroll budget. Plus, New York could choose to rebuild next year if Reyes departs, which would set the team up better for future success even if a year's pain would be needed, a source tells the New York Post's Joel Sherman for the first time on the record or on background.

Projected 2012 Mets
C Josh Thole
1B Ike Davis
2B Ruben Tejada
3B David Wright
SS Jose Reyes?
LF Jason Bay
CF Angel Pagan?
RF Lucas Duda
SP1 R.A. Dickey
SP2 Johan Santana
SP3 Mike Pelfrey?
SP4 Jon Niese
SP5 Dillon Gee?
CL Bobby Parnell
Helping matters is that the lineup and rotation for next season is pretty much ready to go, sans possible question marks at short and in center field, as well as the rotation, where the club could opt to non-tender Mike Pelfrey. If the team brought Reyes back, they would make more of a push to contend but still wouldn't go past $110 million in payroll, and that essentially guarantees the team next season looking much like this year's, as you can see from the table to your right. The projected lineup and rotation next season could be just like this year's, with Johan Santana added after a year-long rehab.

Why minimal change?

To start, the Mets don't have much choice. There are five players signed for 2012 at $60.45 million. Adding Reyes around $20 million annually would push the total cost to $80.45 million, leaving just $30 million to spread out among 19 other players. That's not a lot of flexibility, which would demand the Mets retain many of their players, especially those who have yet to hit free agency and can still be controlled at lower dollars.

But don't forget -- the Phillies aren't going anywhere, the Braves are a strong team and the Nationals are starting to worry many in the game. That's a lot of teams to get through to make the postseason, and the Mets aren't dripping with enough talent to make it happen. They could be better off punting 2012 -- if Reyes doesn't return... or even if he does -- to get one year closer to the end of Santana and Jason Bay's contracts, while bringing along their top prospects for another year. With Jenrry Meija undergoing the knife for Tommy John surgery and Zach Wheeler along with Matt Harvey still a year or two out, it may be the prudent move to load up for 2013... especially given the elite free-agent class that currently projects to hit the market. Sherman cites Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Cole Hamels and Matt Cain as potential free agents.

While the Mets may be -- are -- paring payroll so the Wilpons can save money in light of the Bernie Madoff case, they're also slashing payroll because there just isn't much that can be done. Treating 2012 as a rebuilding year to evaluate the team may be the most prudent course of action, Reyes or no Reyes. And if there's one thing about GM Sandy Alderson we know, it's that he's smart and if the best course of action -- even in a major media market like New York -- is to wait another year for the best chance at long-term success, he will do it.

And frankly, if you look at the team, it's the right move. The Mets should do what they can to bring back Reyes, but any retention of Reyes would have to be with the idea that the contract would pay far more dividends in 2013 and beyond, not 2012. Lip service would be paid toward making the postseason next year with Reyes, of course, but it wouldn't go beyond that unless New York surprises and stays in contention deep into July.

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Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 5:03 pm

Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

As a matter of fact, argo444, the Mets are an economic riddle wrapped in an enigma right now. The mistakes of our city gov't and the business people in the city that the Mets worked with (notably Madoff) have largely contributed to turning to Mets from a big-market team to being in debt with lawsuits at their fingertips. Liberal conservative whatever he wants to call himself-Mayor Bloomberg's decision to spoil the moron Mets has proven incredibly costly not only to our middle class, but to the Mets themselves. Not only can they not hit in that ballpark, but can't find an straight-up investor to help out the Wilpons. Now it's a two way street-Bloomberg NEEDS a return on his investment. The Mets need to put out a winning product and sell seats in the new ballpark in Flushing. Problem is, the stupid Wilpon's already built the outdoors Houston Astrodome and put more money in Madoff's slimy hands. The Mets need to save New York's economy by winning. It's pretty simple.

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 3:00 pm

Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

First things first don't sign Reyes. When you are working and fixing a terrible team don't pay someone that much. He is a great player however the mets have some pretty bad pitching. I like Gee Dickey Capuana(however its spelt), and Neise for starters. all have potential to be amazing just not super consistent. Then we have iserhousen(again spelling) and Acosta who are able to do much. Fix your pitching then worry about an all star feilder and hitter. But i believe you can have the best feilders in the league and its nothing without pitching. It doesn't go both ways. Pitching can carry you through some wins. I wouldnt pay any one player more then a few Million a year excluding pitching.

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 12:52 pm

Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

It is so depressing watching over and over again the Braves and Philly succede, all republicans.
wojotavious, you're hilarious.  What Philly "republicans"?  Philadelphia hasn't elected a Republican mayor for half a century, and City Council has been controlled by Democrats for about that long, along with their congressional delegations.  And they've voted Democratic in every presidential election during that time that I'm aware of. 
Anyway, what does any of your political nonsense have to do with the Mets and the Phillies?  Are you on the wrong website, or trying to entertain us, or did you just have too much to drink in those late night hours you were typing in?

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 10:13 am

Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

Finally someone that gets where this team continues to be handcuffed. These deals done by Minaya will keep this team down for another couple of years. 

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Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

Step 1 is to replace Pelfrey. Pelfrey is a nice guy but this is professional baseball, big market NY where the goal is to win.. and the guy just can't pitch for hsit. He has poor composure and mental stability on the mound. Time to try someone new in the rotation. Oh and 2012 is not a wash for the Mets, anyone who calls it that at this point in time is being way too negative. I have hopes for 2012, in fact I think the Mets may make a serious run at the WC next year.

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 1:00 am

Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 12:58 am

Mets could cut payroll under $100 million in 2012

You are on it man we are as i say dealing with commy idiots here. They are ruining our country as people are just concerned with there little world. I am concerned about all of us because i am blessed with the job to protect our beloved country. You want to support your troops fire a demmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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