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Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

Posted on: August 17, 2011 1:00 pm
Edited on: August 17, 2011 1:09 pm
Jim ThomeBy C. Trent Rosecrans

Jim Thome's now the eighth member of the 600 home run club, but as we've discussed many times, that club is less celebrated now than it used to be because it includes the likes of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa.

All three of those players have been attached to allegations of performance-enhancing drugs, while Thome hasn't. But Thome, along with Ken Girffey Jr., have achieved their 600 home runs during the so-called steroid era. Thome, speaking on the Dan Patrick Show (via, said all players from this era will live with a cloud of suspicion, including himself.

"I've said this and I've been very open about this, I think what has happened is there have been a lot of guys to pay the price," Thome said. "My thing was not every guy in that era did it and not every guy has done it. There were guys in our time that did it the right way. I think that has maybe been the effect on today's game as far as people have a hard time saying 'did this guy do it? Did this guy do it?' There's always going to be that question mark no question."

Thome was then asked if he would question Jim Thome and his accomplishments.

"Sure. I mean yeah absolutely," Thome said. "Again you're kinda guilty by association in an era, in a time when guys did it. That's what feels so good. I talk to you about the journey, the journey to get there and what it took to get there and the people that worked with you and how hard you worked to get there."

And Thome's right. Look at any accomplishment these days and they will be questioned -- whether it's Thome's 600 home runs or Jose Bautista's turnaround -- people are going to start talking about steroids or HGH. Thome's smart enough to know that and smart enough to acknowledge it. 

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Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 2:42 pm

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

Funny how everyone seemingly "knows" Thome has been clean of PEDs. I think there is a good chance he has been on HGH for most of his career (he did play with Manny and Albert Belle for many years). There was no testing so we may never know, but lets not get carried away.
Guess I am just suspicious without any proof either way.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 2:25 pm

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

I thought you said you were an athlete and trainer?  Ruth and Aaron played in a time that players weren't as physically fit.  Now they have state of the art workout gyms and stay in shape the year round.  There are alot of players out there that use, but the thing is some players have morals and dont.  So it is very unfair to place all players in the same catagory.  Everything I'ver ever heard is that Thome is a class act.  A team leader, role model and mentor.  I don't think that you get those quailties by being a cheater.  Most players that were using are self-rightous and non leaders.  Good athletes but not mentors to younger players.  I hope maybe that you can seperate the two.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 4:10 am

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

Lets put an end to this nonsense once and for all.  All Ive heard for the last 6-10 years is PED's, HGH, Steroids & the raging debate over who's records trump who's, who should have "asterisks" & who should be case down among the Sodomites, ala Pete Rose & Shoeless Joe.

Get over yourselves people.  Get over yourself Bud Selig.  Get over yourself Major League Baseball.

The aforementioned so called "trainer of 15+ years" seems to have half his information correct & half incorrect.  Yes, PED's (particularly anabolic steroids) WILL definitely contribute to more rapid healing & tissue regeneration, but the do also (particularly HGH) contribute to or facilitate more rapid muscle development through quickening cell division.  Surely working out in conjunction with taking these meds is necessary in order to reap maximum effect, but there are underlying chemical and cellular reactions at work that expedite the process. Steroids however, DID NOT make Barry Bonds a better hitter... they DID NOT and CAN NOT improve hand & eye coordination, and hitting a baseball remains the most difficult task in all of major sports.

None the less, the debate, point & paranoia are all entirely moot!  Since the day professional athletes first began receiving compensation for their efforts there has been very little the vast majority of them would not do to prolong their careers, enhance their performance or increase their earnings.  Many a great man paid the price (Lyle Alzado, John Matuzak, Mike Webster, etal) for their pioneering attempts in an era when these substances were quite raw, tainted, unproven & downright lethal.  If one is foolish enough to believe that the athletes in the days of Hornsby, Ruth and Reggie would not have used them had they been available, I have some valuable Florida waterfront acreage for sale.

The whole process of athletics is one devised to set, better & beat records.  For individual achievements, for team records, for earnings, attendance & everything else.  There have been changes and improvements designed to produce better/more productive results in almost every major sport...  Golf clubs & balls that fly further & straighter, kicking tees, aluminum bats, the 3 point line in basketball, shorter MLB fences, better turf, better lighting, better clothing, cleats, etc. etc. etc.  No one but the PGA (who carefully regulates equipment) and MLB (who does likewise with bats & balls) does much of anything to curtail or regulate results & records.

Did steroids or HGH make Bonds hit more HR'S?  Maybe.  Did they assist Lance Armstrong in winning all those Tours?  Maybe.  Did they make Roger Clemens fastball faster?  Maybe.  Did they contribute to the early and untimely demises of Alzado, Matuzak, etal.?  Very likely. But short of the health & lives of those few, does it really matter?  Is it any more offensive or "wrong" than equipment, turf or rules changes/improvements?  Likely not.

21st century American society is out of control. The media dictates our everyday lives & half of what we learn & believe.  Its a modern day "witch hunt" and nothing more. Everyone's business has become everyone else's business.  This is the ugly face of modern culture, and I fully expect that by the year 2020 we will be informed on an hourly basis by either Twitter, Facebook or ESPN as to how many times a day Rory McElroy, Steven Strasburg or Danica Patrick defecates.  Its an embarrassment.

Bonds, McGwire, Raffy, Thome, Clemens, etal... They ALL belong in the Hall.  I dont care if they used steroids, smoked crack, drank Gatorade or ate Popeye's spinach.  They were great players with great skills and attributes.  Honor them & stop looking for reasons not to.  Pete Rose belongs there too.  Gambling or no many guys have 4000 hits?  In 120+ years you can count them on one hand.  Get a life people....oh....and grow some sac too.  Stop whining and getting Congress & lawmakers involved in this nonsense. They can barely do the jobs they should do....dont confuse their small Socialist minds with sports.... it overwhelms them.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 2:01 am

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

Pujols is on HGH.. come on man.... Also Bonds would have hit 55 or so in 94 if not for the strike and he wasnt taking anything back then.. He also hit 44 42 and 46 with 120 plus walk seasons.. You cant put Sammy and Mac in the same breath as Bonds. Research... Bonds started using in 99 because the country fell in love with these freaks with half his talent popping 60 homers a year. Problem was when he juiced he got so good they just stopped pitching to him. if he was pitched to like lets say Thome he would have hit well over 1000. Again please dont say Pujols has never once used a single ped. Its an insult to me as an athlete and pro trainer to athletes. I have met way to many athletes over the years..

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 1:55 am

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

Nice guy but compare to guys of his era?? and lol he was one of the biggest strongest dudes in baseball.. Bigger then Sammy Palmero and Manny... But hes the one not on steroids?? lol Same thing I said about arod 5 years ago and everyone jumped all over me... The biggest strongest guy in a era where most everone is taking steroids and they are not tested for is the only one not using???? makes zero sense.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 1:51 am

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

First off I am a trainer to athletes ... I have been an athlete or a trainer for 15 years and the truth is I have yet to run across a single college pro or semi pro football player not taking a ped and baseball players are the same.. yet to run across a single one not taking some sort of ped. Most prefer hgh which is what I would guess Thome is on since he is hitting the ball as far as ever after 22 years of pro ball!! come on man Ruth or mays couldnt hit the ball 480 ft at 40 so why can Thome???? Compare Thome to guys of his era because the fact is they all do it. I know fans dont want to hear that about their guys but guess what I had years of morons telling me Bonds should be banned from baseball for using peds and my simple response is the rest of the league is doing the same thing but Bonds is just better. Roids or peds of any kind dont make you big and strong, training hard and a good diet is what does it. The other stuff just allows you to recover faster. So Jim Thome is not as good as Manny, Bonds, Mac, Griffey, henderson, Bagwell, Alomar, Thomas, Sosa, Arod, Tex, Kent, Palmereo, Ichiro, Pujols, Berkman, Crawford, Utley, Howard, Prince, Agone, Braun, mauer or any other hall of famer and on and on and on.. Now way he is a hall of fame player.... I dont think he was ever even the best player on his own team. But as far as peds its a joke that people still pretend some of these guys are clean... Arent lie detector test 99% accurate?? maybe before you let Rickey or any of these guys in they take a test lol which they would NEVER EVER do and why?? because they all use what they can to get a edge... Greenies cocaine Steroids hgh pain killers... it doesnt matter its never going to change. We have to just enjoy the game and stop pretending our favorite guys are the ones who arent taking peds because its just silly. They all are doing whatever they can for an edge.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 12:05 am

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

As for McGwire, I'll always question him.
What's to question, he already admitted to using steroids.

In response to Thome's accolades at the start of his career, McGwire hit over 40 in his rookie season.  Are we not to question whether or not he was using at that time as well?  I would say that the logical person would say that he was.  The same thing goes for Thome.  Just because he always hit like that in his career doesn't mean he wasn't using from the start.

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Posted on: August 17, 2011 11:46 pm

Thome says he's 'guilty by association'

It's not just steroids that have led to home runs hit over the course of Jim Thome's career being come to be regarded as "devalued currency."

Newer, hitter-friendly ballparks, smaller strike zones and the expansion of MLB to 30 teams which, initially, led to a dearth of quality pitching, all played roles too. 

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