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Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

Posted on: August 7, 2011 2:15 pm
Edited on: August 7, 2011 11:25 pm
Jose ReyesBy C. Trent Rosecrans

Mets shortstop Jose Reyes left Sunday's game against the Braves in the second inning with what the team is calling "stiffness in the left hamstring," and later saw Daniel Murphy helped off the field after suffering a knee injury.

While Reyes' diagnosis is still unknown, Murphy will miss the rest of the season with a tear of the MCL, Peter Botte of the New York Daily News reports. Murphy will not need surgery, but will need a minimum of four months to recover from the injury. 

Reyes was replaced by pinch-hitter Willie Harris in the bottom of the second. Harris singled in a run and stayed in the game at second base, moving Justin Turner from second to shortstop. Turner committed an error in his first inning in the field, missing the catch on a double play attempt with one out in the top of the third.

Murphy was hurt in the seventh inning as Braves rookie Jose Constanza ran into him on a stolen base. X-rays were negative on Murphy's left, but both he and Reyes received an MRI for their injuries.

Daniel MurphyMets general manager Sandy Alderson said Murphy's injury was "significant" and would be put on the disabled list.

"He was in a lot of pain. He just said, 'Get me off the field,' that's all he kept saying, 'Just get me off the field,'" manager Terry Collins said, according to the Associated Press.

The Mets used outfielder Scott Hairston at second base for an inning and David Wright at shortstop late in the game.

Reyes grounded out in the first inning, but there was no obvious problem with the hamstring. It's the same injury that put him on the disabled list last month, causing him to miss the All-Star Game. Two years ago a right hamstring injury limited him to just 36 games in 2009.

Since his return, he's hit just .256/.272/.385 with two homers and four stolen bases, two of his stolen bases came in Saturday's victory.

Reyes will be the premier free agent this offseason, but his re-signing the with the Mets has been a soap opera since early in the season began when Fred Wilpon told the New Yorker that Reyes would demand "Carl Crawford money" as a free agent but won't get it because, "He's had everything wrong with him."

Reyes, 28, played in 153 or more games from 2005-2008, but played in just 36 in 2009 and 133 last season. This season he's played in 98 of the team's 112 games, not including Sunday's game. His health will certainly be questioned as he hits the free-agent market. Reyes has indicated he'd like to stay with the Mets, and the Mets would like to have him, it's just the money will be a sticking point, as it always is.

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Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

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Posted on: August 8, 2011 12:52 pm

Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

These injuries and loss effectively ends this season for the the Mets with a loss to ATL the wildcard leaders.
This situtation with the mets might also have a early end to next season. I don't see how we can even bounce back 2 years down the road.

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Posted on: August 8, 2011 12:05 pm

Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

Reyes has talent, its just injury issues.  I would love to see the cardinals sign him, if, we can keep theriot or furcal as a back-up, the guy simply gets injured too much.  If he stays healthy for the entire next season, and puts up numbers like he is this season, and do that consistintly, he will be a bargin.  No teams wants to spend a bunch of money on a player who will just get injured.  What this season has told me about Jose Reyes, is that his skills are still there, its just now, he gets injured too much, and teams wont want to spend a lot of money on a player who wont play.

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Posted on: August 8, 2011 10:46 am

Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

This guy has always had problems with his legs
161, 153, 160, 159. That is the games Jose Reyes played in his first four seasons (2005-08). He played 36 in 2009 and 133 in 2010. Only 98 so far this year. While I will agree he has had injury issues for three seasons now, the word 'always' is wrong.

I would love to have Reyes on my team. This year he was maybe the best shortstop in baseball. Is he worth 100 million? Probably not. But I would take a gamble on a SS as productive as him.

Just sign a capable backup.

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Posted on: August 8, 2011 8:40 am

Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

Any teams that are looking to pay this guy $100 million + are crazy.  This guy has always had problems with his legs.  As his game is predicated on those legs, that will be a problem.  As I have seen from some other threads this guy is not tough and not a winner.  Good luck to the team that opens the coffers.

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Posted on: August 7, 2011 11:27 pm

Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

"Should of traded Reyes at the deadline. Just sayin'...."


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Posted on: August 7, 2011 11:00 pm

Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

Should of traded Reyes at the deadline. Just sayin'....<br />

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Posted on: August 7, 2011 10:10 pm

Mets lose Reyes, Murphy in loss

he is no way the oden of mlb..he played in 98 games this year..oden gets paid not to play..he doesnt sit out the whole season, but yes, he always gets hurt, and wont get crawford money now...look for him to be back in 2 weeks, not stealing too many bases, but trying to show he can hit and play

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Posted on: August 7, 2011 9:08 pm

Reyes leaves game with 'stiff hamstring'

Just as the sun rises every day and sets every night.............

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