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Buchholz done for year with back issue

Posted on: August 1, 2011 11:28 am
Edited on: August 1, 2011 11:47 am
BuchholzBy Evan Brunell

Clay Buchholz has a stress fracture in his lower back, a source informed Sean McAdam of

The fracture is expected to knock the right-hander out for the rest of the season, although it is possible that Buchholz can return for the postseason. He is expected to see Dr. Thomas Watkins, a back specialist, in Los Angeles on Monday to confirm the diagnosis.

Already out six weeks, the loss is a big blow to Boston. Buchholz landed on the map last season by posting a 2.33 ERA in 28 starts, finishing sixth in Cy Young Award voting. This year, Buchholz had a 3.48 ERA in 14 starts, striking out 60 and walking 31 over 82 2/3 innings.

Buchholz has been sidelined for six weeks after originally believing he would only be on the 15-day disabled list for the minimum allotted time. He threw a bullpen session last Monday, deemed himself at 80 percent capacity and expected to throw another session Wednesday before starting a rehab assignment. That never happened, as Boston continued to be extremely cautious of Buchholz's injury and sent him for a MRI the day after the bullpen session, which revealed the fracture. Previously, it was thought Buchholz simply had inflammation.

These injuries are rare in pitchers, as McAdam says, but points out that David Wright recently returned from a two-month absence due to a stress fracture. Buchholz has already been out six weeks, so he has a quicker timetable for return. However, even if he's able to get back pitching by mid-September, all the minor-league affiliates will be done and the Red Sox probably won't be too keen on shoving him into the fire in the bigs. It's possible that Buchholz could complete the year out of the bullpen, although that's completely speculation at this early juncture.

The Red Sox acquired pitcher Erik Bedard on Sunday at the last second before the trade deadline expired, shipping three prospects to the Dodgers for fellow prospect Trayvon Robinson, then flipped Robinson plus an additional prospect for Bedard, who is injury-prone but can flat-out pitch if he takes the mound. Epstein admitted that Buchholz's injury factored into the acquisition of Bedard.

The news of Buchholz's injury coming out Monday is unsurprising, as it is the day after the trade deadline. Boston certainly didn't want to tip its hand as to the severity of Buchholz's injury, as it would have caused other teams to drive up the price in trade discussions, knowing the Red Sox would be desperate. Right now, the rotation appears to be fronted by Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, with John Lackey and Erik Bedard rounding out the top four, which will be the rotation Boston goes to battle with in October if Buchholz cannot return. One of Tim Wakefield and Andrew Miller, who were serving as the Nos. 4 and 5 starters prior to the Bedard acquisition, will stay in the rotation while the other is expected to head to the bullpen. Bet on Miller, who has been far more inconsistent as a starter and can serve as the second left-hander and long reliever.

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Buchholz done for year with back issue

yeah totally, what you say makes so much sense siince only the yanks and red sox win the world series.  the giants, angels, phils, cards, white sox, d backs, marlins havnt won anything in the last 10 years.  no other teams tried to bring in big gun high priced free agents from othe rteams ether.  the yanks and sox are the teams that signed players like adam dunn and vernon wells in an attempt to buy a championship for another team.  

here is a thought, cap your own pay check before you tell someone else to cap another person's pay check.  next time someone offers you more money to do a job tell them you can't take it because it not fair to your current employer because he can't afford it.  YEAH THATS WHAT I THOUGHT YOU BABIES WITH THE DO WHAT I SAY NOT WHAT I DO OUTLOOK ON OTHER PEOPLES MONEY   

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Buchholz done for year with back issue

Chopper11 you are right on with that comment. Teams like the Yankess and Red Sox buy their championships and I too have always thought that has ruined the game. And it has....for the rest of the teams/cities that are involved. If a team does want to compete then they better bring lots of cash to play with or else they will just be wasting their time. The owners have put themselves in this position and I don't think they can get out of it by setting a salary cap or something with a little more bite other than the luxury tax, which only 2 teams have had to pay more than once, the Yankees and the Red Sox, of course. As a matter of fact the Yankees are responsible for paying a whopping 90% plus of the entire revenue taken in by the luxury tax. There is a revenue sharing plan that should level the field some but for some reason other owners decided to pocket that money rather than spend it. Another exaggerated case of getting paid for doing nothing and it seems to me that there is a lot of that in the U.S. nowadays. The baseball owners have authored this mess, the fans pay for it, and the players sit there grinning like a possum eating crap and watching their bank accounts grow by the millions. 

There is one solution however, and that is for fans to quit showing up at games and watching something else on cable besides sports.  We, the average fan, are responsible for "enabling" these greedy bastards and it really feels good knowing I won't be spending another damn dime watching any of this crap. Well except for a little Sportscenter so I can check out my fantasy players. 

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Buchholz done for year with back issue

to all you sox haters out there,  take it up with corrupt scumball bud selig...he's the jackass who lets the sox and yankees buy their way in every year..sox, like the yanks, are just playing to the system.  I am a sox fan, but I agree it's bad for baseball..selig is a disgrace

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Buchholz done for year with back issue

boston's a nice's the people who are awful!! does that make sense? as a sox fan, I say trade whiny gutless headcase wuss buchholtz next chance you get...he's been here 3 years & it's always time he decides to pitch, unload him!! this will never change

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Buchholz done for year with back issue

boston's a nice's the people that are awful!! does that make sense? since I am a boston person, i say trade gutless headcase wuss buchholtz and save the sox years of this nonsense...he's been here 3 years and it's always time he's hot, unload him!!

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Buchholz done for year with back issue

Nobody ate "crow" yet...still plenty of time to fall apart.

Watched "The Town" the other night and that just reinforced how much I hate Boston.

Good thing Bedard was signed, he should be able to provide at least 4 or 5 innings of work before his elbow tendon tears.

Thank God for John was starting to look pretty grim there.

And, don't tell me Red Sox fans weren't pissin' themselves after the first couple weeks of the season.
They weren't worried about as much as Mookie Wilson expected to be a World Series champion. (Ouch)

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Posted on: August 1, 2011 7:16 pm

Buchholz done for year with back issue

Not to worry. The same doomsdayers posting now are the ones who were posting the end of the season when the Sox were 2-10. I love when they eat crow!

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