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Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

Posted on: July 29, 2011 10:19 pm
Edited on: July 30, 2011 1:22 am
Jarred Cosart

By C. Trent Rosecrans

Hunter Pence will now be a Phillie, but who are the newest Astros?

Well, they're not Astros yet, but the newest members of the Houston farm system give a jolt to a system ranked No. 26 in baseball by Baseball America before the season (and 30th in each of the two previous years). Here's a closer look at the three players the Astros will get in return for the All-Star outfielder in addition to a player to be named:

RHP Jarred Cosart: The 21-year-old from the Houston area wowed everyone in attendance at the Futures Game in Phoenix this month. His fastball was clocked at 98 mph as he had a pair of strikeouts in a perfect eighth inning of work for the United States team. The 6-foot-3 right-hander has a good curveball to go with the electric fastball. At high Class A Clearwater, he's struck out 79 and walked 43 in 108 innings and has a 9-8 record with a 3.92 ERA. He's seen his walks skyrocket this season after walking just 23 with 102 strikeouts in his first two pro seasons. The Phillies drafted him in the 38th round in 2008, but it's not because he was a 38th-round talent. Every team seemed to expect him to pitch at Missouri, and that's what he told them. But the Phillies drafted him and offered him a $550,000 bonus and he took it. He has a very high ceiling and a lot of potential, but he still needs a lot more polish, which is why he's in Class A. Baseball America ranked Cosart the No. 43 prospect in baseball in its midseason rankings.

1B/OF Jonathan Singleton: Ranked the Phillies' No. 2 prospect at the beginning of the season by Baseball America, Singleton doesn't turn 20 until September. At 6-foot-2, 225 pounds, Singleton has  the potential for a ton of power. So far this season he's hitting .282/.386/.411 at high Class A Clearwater with nine home runs and 47 RBI in 92 games. He's also show a good approach at the plate and the ability to take a walk, walking 56 times this season. He has struck out 83 times, though. Singleton has played some left field, but he's much better suited to first base. Baseball America ranked Singleton the No. 41 prospect in baseball in its midseason rankings.

RHP Josh Zeid: Zeid, 24, is 2-3 with a 5.65 ERA at Double-A Reading, striking out 56 and walking 27 in 63 2/3 innings. A former Vanderbilt and Tulane pitcher, Zeid dominated the South Atlantic League last year, but was one of the oldest players in the league, going 8-4 with a 2.93 and 111 strikeouts on 107 1/3 innings. Although he's started 38 games in the minors, he projects as a reliever if he gets to the majors. Since moving to the bullpen at Double-A, he has 24 strikeouts in 16 innings, while allowing just 10 hits. He pitched in the Arizona Fall League last season and made the Rising Stars Game, the All-Star game in the fall league.

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Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

Sorry for getting back so late, but just saw the post, I am big man, what the hell are you talking about? Are you a real fan from Philly? They threw batteries at Santa in 2000? Really? LOL. BAck in the 60s the whole Santa thing happened. And it was batteries at JD Drew. And it was a FEW drunken idiots probably who did it. And ive sat all over every stadium, and been one of the drunken idiots as well, but never snooped to a level of fighting someone, throwing shit, or being a complete jackass like it sounds you are. You are one of the many who give us a bad rap. And really man, you probably the one who complains when Philly teams don't go after players and complain when they "overpay". Thats what happens when your an elite team and you have a window of veterans to try and win now, you sacrifice some "prospects" (which is never ever a guarantee to pan out) to try and WIN NOW and get quality players. Be happy they got Pence, a guy that fits in really well with the Phils as opposed to OVERPAYING for Beltran, a guy whose a me guy, on a 2 month rental plan and then will probably walk. And to your last point, Cliff Lee DID NOT sign here b/c NY fans spit on his wife. You have to be childish to believe that. Lee dispelled that himself. He came back for a ton of reasons, some being he loved the city, more importantly his family loved the city. He still got paid a ton of cash, had success here, wanted to come to a contender in which there was some special stuff going on with this team and its rotation, and most of all he wanted to play in the NL and hit. Anyway, I really wish I knew what the hell you were talking about with most of these comments.

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Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

goo i dont know what u are talking about the eagles fans threw batteries in 2000 at santa  and i always pelt mets fans with ice when i go to games.. ur probably sitting down by the bat boy so u dont see the real fans. ill put it to you like this i know ron arrtest wouldnt have went into the sixers fans over a beer they still would be fuckin him up.... also i think we gave up to much for pence and for halliday the phils over pay everyteam to get what they want.. im sorry we dont need to offer a.j. burnett a 23 million dollar deal to lose 17 games.. cliff lee took less money y? because the fans in NY spit on his wife.. thats why he came back.. boston is a juice town and so is new york.. no one wants to play there anymore and now there teams are old as dirt and cant win and wont win for a long time..

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Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

lil goo no one reads book reports..

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Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

Dont hate on the Phils b/c your team doesn't wanna be aggressive and go get what they need. Ruben Amaro has overpaid with prospects year after year to fill a need on this team so the Phils can make a run. Yet, everyone outside of Philly bashes the team for it. And says they go out and "buy" players like the Sox and Yankees. I am starting to realize that most of you are just salty, jealous, uninformed fans of another team who refuse to do the same. Im getting sick of saying the same things b/c people keep bringing up the same old shit. Who have the Phils bought? They broke the bank ONE TIME, and that was for Cliff Lee, but it mostly had to do with the fact they were salty they let him go the first time, he WANTED to come back and play here, and he took less money to do so. But I dont hear anything ever about that, about how players actually want to come play in PHILLY as opposed to the other big markets in Boston and New York. Its unheard of for guys to want to come to this "second rate" big market city. Its disgusting, so people stop hating and get your facts right. Go back through the years and see the Phils had a budget EVERY YEAR. I don't know exact #s, but it was alotttt lower than what it is now. As the team got better, the fan support grew and grew. And they have sold out 150+ games in a row, have made the playoffs and won the division the last 4 years, with a WS and deep runs, meaning they generated all kinds of playoff revenue as well. FROM ALL that extra revenue coming in, the ownership has REWARDED the fan base for that, and been aggressive and continue to go after players to put them over the top. That should be a respected and appreciated thing ownership has done, but fans outside of this area keep bashing it , I guess out of jealousy. You have to get lucky when you don't have a ton of resources as far as money goes, and hope your young players pan out, like with the Phillies and Utley, Howard, Rollins, Hamels, etc.. They became good, add a few SMALL pieces to get to the playoffs. And they continued to make small steps each year. If they had all this money to get guys, they would of just done so 10 years ago, or 5 years ago when they were starting to get good. But they COULDN'T. The team had a budget that it would not go over, because they couldn't afford to! Does this sound like the Yankees and Red Sox? If the Rays had any kind of fan support from their team being competitive, and going to the playoffs and WS, then they TOO would have kept Crawford and not had to trade away all these young pieces. But b/c of the low attendance , it made it impossible. So go out and spend money and SUPPORT your team. No one goes to Pirates games because they stink, well with no one going, they can't afford to spend much money, and in result, they will continue to stink, and not get players. BUT NOW finally some of those prospects are starting to come around and they have a good team. Fans are gonna show up, more money is gonna come in, and small step by steps, Pittsburgh will turn into a contender, and maybe 5 years from now when they have all this money, fans will bash them too when players want to go there instead of the same old NY, BOS, etc... So please stop with the bullshit and get your facts straight and THANK YOU PHILS management for continuing to reward us fans and go get the necessary pieces. For some reason, it used to be admirable when guys took less money to come and play places, but no not in the terrible town of Philadelphia. (Lee, Halladay, Oswalt, all wanted to come here, and the first 2 took less). Halladay said it himself when they acquired Pence, that this is why he WANTED to come here, because he knew they were good, and had managment who would go get the neccesary pieces when that time came, and all we continued to hear all year was the Ruben didn't wanna pay a luxury tax, they didn't have much wiggle room, etc.. Which is why they passed on Beltran, b/c he was a F/A after the year, and they can't afford to trade for rentals and could of only acquired him if the Mets paid his entire salary . Its also why we still need bullpen help, but CAN NOT afford to even think about looking elsewhere now too for a Bell, or Mike Adams, b/c we had one move we can make, and we made it. The well is dry and they can't go over for any more payroll. So if the Phils were like the Yanks or Sox, they would go buy the rest of the pieces with Bell, Adams, whoever. They just simply can't. And just because guys continue to come to Philly, doesn't mean they are buying them. They have given up a TON for some of the guys they got. Other teams LIKE ATL, LAD, BOS, NYY, did NOT want to give up as much as the Phils did and have been, so its the reason they didn't get these guys. I can go on and on and on like I already have but Ill leave it at that. And don't even get me started on this shit about the fanbase. The media has made us out to be monsters, but when someone gets killed at a Dogers/SF game , not much is said about them, and we have heard some horrific stories about LAD fans. The same kinds of things happen in NY, BOS, and any town that generates ALOT OF fans to their games. People tailgate and get drunk, and those few do stupid things. Im sorry but I've been going to CBP and have RARELY seen anyone give other teams fans any shit. Yes, most of us are hard asses, but the informed, educated fans, do this playfully. I've seen my share of incidents, but thats everywhere. But b/c SOME DRUNK SKINNY asshole wanted to dress up as Santa and MOCK the fans back in the damn 60s, we never hear the end of it. Pretty sure any passionate fan base, or big crowd at that would of done the SAME THING! The dude was falling all over the place making an ass out of himself and mocking people, during halftime while it was a bad game. You wouldn't boo this ass?? So if you had your kids at the game and this skinny wanna be is dressed as Santa, drunk out of his mind, you would clap and cheer for him right? And tell your kids , oh there's Santa. Please, every story has its truths, maybe the media should start reporting on it if they wanna rip us, or EQUALLY rip ALL FANS for the same things, b/c Philly fans are no angels, they are passionate knowledgable fans, who care alot for their teams, and damn should be for the money they spend.

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Posted on: July 31, 2011 1:39 pm

Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

 A Red Sox fan runs over and kills a Yankee fan and ESPN described her as an "overly passionate fan". A flare gun is shot off at the Link on a MNF game against SF and ESPN goes ballistic saying those fans don't deserve a team. For two days they harp on the low life Eagles fans saying no arrests have been made. When Philly's finest arrest a SF 49er fan for the CRIME not one story was reported about the arrest on ESPN. The fan actually said he did it to give the fans a bad name.  With the media deciding what stories to run with and what stories to bury, ESPN will run all stories about Philly fans that are negative. As someone who travels for his job i'm in alot of sports markets and Philadelphia fans didn't and will never corner the market on having thugs. Every city has 5% of their fanbase that are bad seeds. ESPN just likes to report on Phillys 5% ALL THE TIME. Yes St. Louis even your citys fans boo as much as Philly. Snowballs at Santa, get the real story. ESPN won't tell it they'll just tell you they threw snowballs every time a Philly team makes the playoffs. I was at a KC/Denver game at Arrowhead about 5 years ago when a huge fight broke out and they extended the commercial time out for 3 or 4 minutes, till the situation was under control...not a thing on ESPN that night. If it was Philly.....

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Posted on: July 31, 2011 11:16 am

Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

I don't recall ant Philly fans beating another fan within inches of his life. but is that ever brought up? No! Everyone wants to talk about Snowballs & Santa Claus, 1 person vomiting on a father and chil

See Flyers bus trip fight/stabbing.. that was philly fans on philly fans.... and throwing things at little kids and old ladies that were devil ray fans during the WS was pretty low...

but you are correct when you say that every fan base has a few bad apples and doesn't make an entire bunch.

 However, some of the philly bad apples tend to take some things to the extreme. In my personal experiences with philly fans, the bad apples seem to take people talking positive about another team the wrong way and as an attack on philly. They unecessarily think that they have to defend their teams at times, and make sports personal. Ie. any fan of another team trying to go to CBP and enjoy the game. Of course though, these bad apples tend to be those that have a limited education, and usually menial jobs, or they are the younger crowd that just thinks they have to follow the trend.

I never hear of any other fans complaing or the Media for that matter complaining about any of the phillies fans that travel to see them play.
of course not. When most people pay a lot of money for an out of town trip and more expensive tickets in NY, why would they get thrown out.  especially when they are winning most of the time. I was at Mets Phillies on the 16th when the Mets got the best of Hamels... the philly bad apples waited until the 7th inning when they were down by 9 runs to start acting up like sore losers and picking fights. I saw 3 groups in the sections around me escorted out.

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Posted on: July 31, 2011 11:02 am

Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

I mean the BoKnows is right. Philly is getting to be hated just as much as the Sox & Yankees. Their payroll is not over $200M! Yeeeeeea but according to theri fans they don't buy anybody.

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Posted on: July 31, 2011 4:02 am

Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

meant to say I have attented many games at Dodger Stadium.

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Posted on: July 31, 2011 4:01 am

Astros add electric arm in Pence trade

I have to many games at Dodger stadium...The fans are ruder to opposing fans than anywhere else. My friend always tried to convince me not to where Diamondback stuff because he was afraid of the rowdy gangbangers that go to dodger games. 

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