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Tigers designate Inge for assignment

Posted on: July 20, 2011 10:54 pm
Edited on: July 20, 2011 11:09 pm
IngeBy Evan Brunell

The Tigers designated third baseman Brandon Inge for assignment to make room for incoming third baseman Wilson Betemit, who was acquired from the Royals on Wednesday.'s Jason Beck reports that Inge will accept an assignment to Triple-A Toledo should he clear waivers. With $6 million remaining on Inge's deal after this season, which runs through 2012 with a 2013 club option that was signed this past offseason, it's a lock that Inge will clear waivers. He would then have been able to refuse assignment to the farm, but would have had to give up his contract -- plus leave Detroit, which Inge has said in the past he has no intention of doing. Instead, the defensive wizard will head to Toledo and try to figure out where his bat has gone. Inge's .177/.242/.242 line has been a black hole for Detroit, currently scrapping for the division lead in the AL Central.

"Brandon has done a lot for the organization," GM Dave Dombrowski told the Grand Rapids Press. We would not have signed him this winter if we didn't think he was going to come out and do very well for us, or do solidly.

"It hasn't happened this year and I think we're at the point where, playing him every day, we just don't see it happening right now," Dombrowski added.

While Inge could have stayed on the roster and operated as a defensive specialist, certainly needed given Betemit's butchering of third base defensively, Dombrowski told's Danny Knobler that he considers Don Kelly to be ahead of Inge on the third base depth chart, so jettisoning Inge then became the obvious move.

"Can he get his swing back and make things happen?" Dombrowski asked. "Hopefully, that happens. But right now, we look at it from our own situation, trying to win, and it just hasn't happened.

"We're in a production-oriented business, and I'm sure some of those people who are booing him loudly now have cheered him in the past. And if he gets hits, they'll cheer him once again. But right now, he's scuffling. It affects you."

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Tigers designate Inge for assignment

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Posted on: July 21, 2011 6:30 pm

Tigers designate Inge for assignment

11.5 seasons, 1367 games(118/yr), 514 runs (44.7), 1066 hits (92.7), 137 HR (11.9), 581 RBI (50.5

410 BB  1169 K (25% of every AB he strikes out), .304 OBP, .387 Slugging and .234 Average

that is top 3 every game? that is being a pivotal part of a teams success over 11 1/2 years? Success that has given the Tigers only 3 seasons over .500? That is not much success. Inge has cried twice about having to move positions for an incoming all stars and probably hall of famers, demanding they trade him, which I am sure they tried but who would want him? Same reason he will clear waivers without even a sniff at him. 

Inge is accepting his demotion because he knows that is the ONLY way he will still get paid a lot of money he has NEVER earned and surely never deserves regardless of what people think he did for the Tigers. He has done NOTHING more than being an over paid, over hyped, crappy hitting, average defender, cry baby that laughs when he makes errors. 

How about averages like these:  123 games, 66.9 Runs, 121.5 Hits, 17 HR, 64.5 RBI,  .358 OBP, .455 Slugging and .272 Average

Not sure who these belong to? BOBBY HIGGINSON, remember him, the guy people hated in Detroit and couldn't get rid of him and out of this town fast enough because he sucked and never did anything for the Tigers. 

Jim and Dave, PLEASE do not recall him EVER, let him rot down there in Toledo.   

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Posted on: July 21, 2011 12:43 pm

Tigers designate Inge for assignment

I think most forget that every year but this year Inge was always in the top 3 for player of the game.  He is have a bad year, out of the 11 year the guy can have one bad year.  He will be back and sooner than later.  This new third baseman is not the answer.  Give Inge three weeks and he will be back starting at third and not for the hens.  Go Inge 

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Posted on: July 20, 2011 11:33 pm

Tigers designate Inge for assignment

Sorry Brandon; but your game sucks right now! The dude has been an integral part of Tiger success for several years, but it has run it's course. Skip has covered up for your deficiencies for awhile, but enough is enough. Maybe the Giants or Rays could use a back-up catcher.

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