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Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

Posted on: July 18, 2011 2:05 pm
Edited on: July 22, 2011 2:14 pm
By Eye on Baseball Team

Baseball's trade deadline is just 13 days away. The rumor mill is certainly spinning, but we've only really seen one big move -- the Brewers acquiring Francisco Rodriguez. In the upcoming days we'll take a glance around baseball and sort out what we can expect to see from each major-league team. First up, the AL West, a division that saw several deadline deals last season, including an intradivisional Cliff Lee deal (though that happened in early July). It doesn't appear the landscape is ripe for another blockbuster like that, but let's dive in.

Texas Rangers
Status: Buyers
Upgrade needed: Pitching, both starting and relief.
Possible matches: Padres, Marlins, Nationals, A's, Mariners
Notes: If the Rangers continue to win at this pace and create big separation in the AL West -- they're currently up four games and have won 11 in a row -- they won't feel the need to make a big splash. They have reportedly talked to the Marlins about pitching, with Anibal Sanchez, Ricky Nolasco and Leo Nunez as possibilities (Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports). Danny Knobler of reports, however, that the Marlins aren't going to move Nolasco or Sanchez. Evan Grant of Rangers Blog reports the Rangers are interested in Heath Bell, Mike Adams, Andrew Bailey and Brandon League -- though Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle says the A's would have to be overwhelmed to move Bailey, since he's under team control until 2014. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports also has the Rangers in on Bell, Adams, Bailey and throws in Tyler Clippard of the Nationals. Buster Olney of ESPN says the Rangers are the "leaders" in the Bell/Adams sweepstakes. I'd expect the Rangers to do whatever it takes, within reason, to get to the World Series again.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Status: Frugal buyers
Upgrade needed: Could use more pitching and another bat.
Possible matches: They'd have to shed payroll first, so none at this point.
Notes: Thanks to several high-priced acquisitions in recent memory (Vernon Wells, c'mon down!) the word is the Angels don't want to increase the payroll -- even though general manager Tony Reagins denies that assertation, there's evidence to suggest it. So, while they'd probably like to upgrade several areas -- coincidentally, an upgrade over Wells would be nice -- there won't be much flexibility. Expect the Angels to make minor trades at the absolute maximum. UPDATE: Rosenthal reports Aramis Ramirez is on the Angels' wish list, but that Ramirez still has no intention of waving his no-trade clause for anyone -- at least until after July 31. This is interesting on several levels. Going after Ramirez would completely contradict the notion that the Angels aren't adding payroll. Not only is Ramirez making a pretty penny this season, but a trade would cause a $16 million option for next season to vest. Also, Ramirez's insistence on not leaving starts to make you wonder if he knows the Cubs will pick up his option after the season.

Seattle Mariners
Status: In limbo, but probably sellers.
Players available: Doug Fister, Jason Vargas, Erik Bedard, Brandon League.
Notes: We can't really be sure how things stand just yet. The Mariners were all set to be buyers and were reportedly interested in upgrading the offense, for example. But they've now lost nine in a row and -- teamed with the Rangers' winning streak -- that has buried them. I can't see a reason to move Felix Hernandez, and the Mariners won't, but some are sure to speculate about him. Just take those "rumors" with a grain of salt. All-Star reliever Brandon League could fetch a decent return and, when the Mariners decide to start selling, Bedard seems like a name that could be involved in any trade talks. Knobler also reports that Vargas and Fister are available -- and points out Hernandez and Michael Pineda are not.

Oakland Athletics
Status: Sellers
Players available: Josh Willingham, Coco Crisp, David DeJesus, Conor Jackson and Michael Wuertz. Probably several more, too.
Possible matches: Pretty much any buyer.
Notes: You have to figure at least three of the above players are shipped somewhere. Things will probably go down to the wire, as none are huge difference makers and will probably be last resorts on July 31. Willingham could go sooner, as he's being dangled, it's just that not many teams are overly excited about him. The Pirates are said to be in on him, but could be setting their sights higher on Hunter Pence.

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Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

Do not ever considered as that it really truly came to be this straightforward the fact is. We had consumed a strong purchase among my own time in the market for anyone to point out it area admittedly and you are obviously a common 3 a when completed where. Well done to you!

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Posted on: July 23, 2011 8:04 am

Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

Unless a deal brings an Aramis Ramirez-type player, I don't want the Angels to make any moves. I'm afraid of what they'll do next lol. But in all seriousness, the last thing this team needs is to make a panic move again. The only obvious place to upgrade the team is third base, but power hitting 3rd basemen are hard to come by nowadays, so might as well stick with what they've got now.

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Posted on: July 20, 2011 1:52 pm

Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

My Rangers will acquire Heath Bell to be the set up guy for the rest of the year
Well Mr Ryan, I am glad to see you are feeling better after your recent illness.  I also send my condolences to the fan's family that was killed when Josh Hamilton tossed the ball in the stands.  What a completely tragic accident.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way....

 Exodus 20:17 "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that [is] thy neighbour's."


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Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

My Rangers will acquire Heath Bell to be the set up guy for the rest of the year, then let him close the next few years when they move Nefti to the rotation.  Ogando stays in the rotation, and Tommy Gun will fill in at some point.  I wouldn't mind Anninbal Sanchez coming to Arlington.

Let's Go Rangers!!


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Posted on: July 19, 2011 10:56 am

Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

Don't the Rangers want Feliz in the Rotation anyways?  wasn't that the big to do in the preseason?  If the Rangers could get Bell, Adams or both then Feliz goes to the rotation and the back end of the bullpen becomes one of the strongest in the league.  What would the Rangers have to offer though?  The Padres need help seemingly everywhere except SP and 1B.

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Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

I agree and I would like to see Ogando move back the the pen to keep his innings down this year and stretch him back out for a full season next year.  Bringing in Bell would is hit or miss with closers being set up guys but again would give some flexible options for next year.  They don't need a starter, Tommy Hunter will move back to the rotation before they get a starter.

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Posted on: July 18, 2011 10:52 pm

Trade Deadline Primer: AL West

Adding Bell makes perfect sense.  Longterm they want Feliz as a starter anyway.  This gives them a proven option for now if Feliz stumbles some more and next year if they move him to the rotation.

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