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Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

Posted on: July 14, 2011 6:16 pm
Edited on: July 14, 2011 6:31 pm
By Evan Brunell

JeterPrevious reports had Derek Jeter missing the All-Star Game because he was exhausted from chasing 3,000 hits, but Jeter said on Thursday that wasn't the case.

"It wasn't an exhaustion thing, it was an injury thing," Jeter told ESPN New York.

"I hadn't heard about it until someone told me it was all over TV on Tuesday," Jeter added. "I guess I was surprised, is the best way to put it, on the coverage. I understand disappointment. I get that. I understand that fans are disappointed.

"Like I told you guys, I was disappointed I didn't get a chance to go play. I've told you guys throughout the years, but this was a decision that I thought was best for our team for the second half of the year."

It seems like Jeter's missing the point here. It's completely understandable why Jeter didn't want to play in the game. Even if he was emotionally exhausted (a point he thoroughly debunked), everyone would have understood. What appears to be the issue, however, is that Jeter didn't even show up in a ceremonial capacity. If he had, the uproar over Jeter not playing would have been muted, if not non-existent. Baseball, the media and fans wanted Jeter at the game to celebrate his milestone.

Nevertheless, Jeter said that the break has helped.

"(Joe) Girardi wanted to give me days off when I first came back, so it was difficult for me to play in the games [with the Yankees,]" Jeter said. "When I got hurt, everyone was telling me how difficult an injury it is and it takes until the offseason. It is serious -- you don't want to come back too soon. I decided to take some days off to help out and turned into this. The days helped."

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Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

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Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

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Posted on: July 16, 2011 10:08 am

Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

I think you're greatly overestimating the amount of participation that would be expected.  You are also comparing baseball players and entertainers to other careers which is apples and oranges.  Baseball players play 81 road games a year.  So that's 81 days they are away from "home".  Those stays are hardly rough as you already have pointed out.  The baseball schedule is also setup so that it's smooth travel for most of the season.  You are flying out to play the Dodgers for three games, than home to play the Mets for 4, then back to Florida for a weekend set.   You start in LA, move to San Fran, finish up in Arizona, then you're home for 10 games(12 days).  Baseball players have at least three and a half full months of time away from work to go and do anything they pretty much want to.  There are many people with more strenuous jobs that involve more travel that are worth less than 10% of a baseball players annual salary...and have far less vacation time.

He may have been, and probably still is, the most approachable player in baseball but the nature of the beast dictates.  That means he makes his money based on entertainment and social impact.  he's developed an image over his career and to deviate from what people are accustomed to without explanation(or in this case lies) is grounds for criticism.

Jeter missed over 10% of the season.  How is that not a big enough sample size?  The Yankees are just a few games over .500 at (39-33) with Jeter, and are 14-4 without him.  You think that has nothing to do with the immense defensive upgrade at SS with anyone other than Jeter playing there?  Yes Nunez has had some bad defensive games, but he's had some really good ones as well.   Jeter is consistant, thought.  If it's hit at him, he'll make the play.  If he has to range, it's a single.

Playing injured has ALWAYS been considered selfish by everyone when it's clear a player isn't performing to his capabilities.  In one instance you disregard the media, the fans, and his peers and in the next you commend them for what amounts to the very same thing.  Chase Utley sat for the first 45 games of the season, roughly, because he was too injured to play.  He could have played through it, but it would have been detrimental to the team.  Had the rehab not worked he'd have had surgery and would have tried to make it back by August.  If he was injured enough to land on the DL, then he shouldn't have come back until he was ready, especially with how the team took off without him.  He came back, that means he was ready, so at the very least he should have felt obligated to go to his final ASG.  After this he might not get voted to another one.

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Posted on: July 16, 2011 12:13 am

Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

Football07, How do you feel about Brady skipping out on all of those Pro Bowls when he is selected? The fans want to see him too right?

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Posted on: July 15, 2011 5:26 pm

Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

2000 AS game I don't know why it says 2,000

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Posted on: July 15, 2011 5:25 pm

Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

Funny you bring up Griffey. The same guy who was the overall vote getter in 2,000 that couldn't play in the AS game because of a bad knee but took part in the HR derby and left after it. If you have a problem with jeter how do you not with that?

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Posted on: July 15, 2011 3:27 pm

Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

Here are six players (you didn't say active or not) who have conducted themselves with class and dignity during their careers, and would have more than likely gone to the game,  Bob69:

Cal Ripken, Ryne Sandberg, Ken Griffey, Jr., Andre Dawson, Henry Aaron, Roberto Clemente

... and that's only six.

There is nothing classy or dignified about what Derek Jeter did.


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Posted on: July 15, 2011 1:46 pm

Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

Jeter is worthless now that he has 3000 get his sorry ass out of here. Stop thinking he's God. He pissed the All Star Game Away Cause he thinks who the HELL HE IS. Jeter will keep the Yankees from winning as long as he stay in the line up . Jeter GET THE HELL OUT OF NEW YORK.

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Posted on: July 15, 2011 1:33 pm

Jeter injury, not exhaustion, reason for absence

This is all nonsense, and even as a Yankee hater I was a suppoter of Jeter.  Public opinion has swayed and it'll only get worse.  Do you people really think that Derek Jeter is flying on a no-frills airline like Spirit Air?  He's flying first class with all the comforts of home.  He might even have flown out on Stienbrenner's personal jet(assuming he had one).  He was healthy enough to play on Saturday and go 5-5.  He was healthy enough to play to chase personal records and achievements.  He was healthy enough to play after the ASG.  When the baseball world puts you on a pedestal for your accomplishments you at least go and give a tip of the cap.  When you're front cover of Sports Illustrated you go and make an appearance.  All he had to do was be at the game when the lineups and rosters were called.   He walks out, tips his hat, waves to the fans, and becomes an immortal.  Now, he's just another selfish baseball player with bad PR.  When Placido Polanco can make the trip when he hasn't been on the field in a week but Derek Jeter is a no show it's a clear sign how little the star power of the sport cares about their fans

He doesnt owe his haters a damn thing. His fans forgive him.

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