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AL All-Star balloting update: C, SS, OF close

Posted on: June 28, 2011 4:07 pm
Edited on: June 28, 2011 4:25 pm
By Matt Snyder

In the last All-Star balloting update for the American League until the starters are revealed this coming Sunday, there are still several positional races too close to call. First things first, though. Here are the starters, if the voting was closed right now: Russell Martin, Adrian Gonzalez, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Jose Bautista, Curtis Granderson, Josh Hamilton.

Yes, that's five Yankees and two Red Sox. Fret not, Yankee and Red Sox haters, as there are some races that could easily shift between Tuesday and Sunday. Let's go position by position and examine where things stand.

At catcher, Martin holds a lead of just over 434,000 over Alex Avila of the Tigers, who has had a better season to this point. Joe Mauer is third, but he's not really within striking distance.

At first base, Gonzalez is slightly less than a million votes ahead of Mark Teixeira.

At second, Cano is close to two million votes ahead of Dustin Pedroia, so we can probably call that one.

Shortstop is going to be interesting. Asdrubal Cabrera should be the starter if you base your vote on who has been the best at the position in 2011. Jeter would get elected on career accolades, fame and popularity. Cabrera trails Jeter by just over 500,000 votes.

Third base could go down to the wire, as A-Rod leads Adrian Beltre by about 800,000 votes and Kevin Youkilis by just over a million. That's a decent-sized margin, but a late charge could supplant A-Rod.

At DH, Ortiz has a two million-vote lead, so it's likely over.

In the outfield, Jose Bautista is a given and Curtis Granderson would need two players to garner 2.5 million-plus more votes than him in the next few days to knock him out, so he's probably in, too. The last spot is definitely up for grabs, though. Hamilton leads Jacoby Ellsbury by less than 122,000 votes.

If Ellsbury tops Hamilton and everything else remains as it is, there will be one starter not a player for the Yankees or Red Sox -- Jose Bautista -- and every single starter will be from the AL East.

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:28 pm

AL All-Star balloting update: C, SS, OF close

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 1:32 am

AL All-Star balloting update: C, SS, OF close

Who is Russell Martin, and  when does a 230 avg earn you an all star berth, not just a spot, but voted in as a starter! At least I'm embarrassed that Brandon Inge is even in the top 5 in votes for third base. NY must not care about home field in the WS, because they know they won't be there. Thanks little apple for screwing the pooch yet once again, better to vote in the entire sox team, at least then the AL would have a chance. I know the NL can't win an all star game, I guess the yanks want to change that, we'll see....

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Posted on: June 28, 2011 7:47 pm

AL All-Star balloting update: C, SS, OF close

There is third option. Cancel it altogether and use the spare time to host international tournament every second year. Or every fourth year, if baseball gets reinstalled into Olympics. The "World Series" needs to get the true meaning. This aint the American past-time anymore.

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Posted on: June 28, 2011 6:03 pm

AL All-Star balloting update: C, SS, OF close

Honestly, there are only 2 players leading at their positions I disagree with and that is Martin and Jeter. Martin I can even be ok with as he is having a solid year, although Avila is having a better one. But Jeter has no business being anywhere near Phoenix on 7/12. For once, for the most part, the fans have the right idea.

Now what is it gonna take to get Matt Kemp in the starting NL OF? Should be Kemp over Holliday at this point.

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Posted on: June 28, 2011 4:21 pm

AL All-Star balloting update: C, SS, OF close

And this is why fans shouldn't vote for All-Star game starters. I'm honestly curious to know if having fans vote in their favorites had any significant impact on the number of viewers of the game. The concept is dumb, because the majority of fans will just vote for their favorites..not the players who deserve to represent the league. Add that to the fact that this game (thank you moron, Selig) determines home field advantage in the World Series, and it is utterly ridiculous. It has to be one or the other.. Make it a popularity contest where fans can watch their favorite players in a meaningless game, or make it a competition where the best performing players in the league play a game to determine which league earns home field.

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