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Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

Posted on: June 11, 2011 4:06 pm
Edited on: June 11, 2011 7:06 pm

By Evan Brunell

Derek Jeter went hitless Saturday, which means he now has five games left to collect nine hits, which is a tall task to ask Jeter to reach these days, as his .310-hitting days appear to be far gone. As is, it's extremely likely that the Captain will head out on the road on Friday needing a handful of hits for 3,000.

The Yankees will begin interleague play by heading to Wrigley Field next weekend and then kick off the new week with a visit to Cincinnati. Those are actually pretty fine places to get a 3,000th hit at; Wrigley is an iconic park and has seen a 3,000th hit before with Cardinals great Stan Musial netting his milestone there. Cincinnati, meanwhile, is where the iconic Pete Rose made his name as the all-time hit king.

It's no New York, though. Jeter's stature, plus the fact that no Yankee has ever gotten 3,000 hits, has propelled this particular chase to a situation where Jeter really should get hit No. 3000 at home, but how can New York make this happen?

The Yankees return home to host Colorado on Friday, June 17, so all they have to do is get through six games on the road. Jeter has played in every single Yankees game since May 5, a span of 32 games without a break. He's definitely going to play in the remaining five games on the homestand, as manager Joe Girardi and every Yankee fan will pray for a hot streak. That leaves Jeter in prime position to get a day off the first game of the Cubs series, as Girardi can shrug off benching Jeter as a normal off-day. Jeter will certainly need the break at that time.

Girardi could also look ahead to the final game of the Reds series, which is on June 22, as the next day is an off-day for the Yankees. Girardi could justify this as a way to give Jeter two consecutive days off. This is more commonly used for starting catchers, but it happens for position players as well.

That's four games left for Jeter to hit -- or more accurately, miss -- the milestone on the road. So let's turn to Joe Girardi's book, which has all measure of statistics in it. We find that Jeter's hitting just .246/.297/.301 against right-handers on the year (yuck) but is at .299/.405/.403 against left-handers. So the answer there is simple -- during the interleague swing where the DH can't be used, give backstop Eduardo Nunez a game with a right-handed pitcher on the mound.

Boom -- three of the six games on the road have Jeter on the pine. There's no question Girardi would be scrutinized for the reasons behind putting Jeter on the bench, but it's hard to argue with a day off, another day off that gets Jeter two straight off days, plus a benching against a right-hander to get Nunez and his defense in the lineup.

Only time will tell if Girardi would take this route, but he would certainly prefer Jeter to collect nine hits in a five-game span and make the point moot.

SATURDAY: Jeter was 0 for 4 on Saturday, failing to collect a hit for the first time since June 3, over a week ago.


ALL-TIME LIST: Jeter will stand at 28th until he ties Roberto Clemente at 3,000.

NEXT UP: Jeter will face the Indians again on Sunday with five games to go on the homestand. Toeing the mound will be Josh Tomlin, whom Jeter is 1-for-3 against in his career.

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Posted on: December 22, 2011 12:29 pm
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Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 7:18 pm

Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

For 3 years, the Yankees overpaid Jeter by at least $40 million.  Since he grounds out more than anyone all ground out will not be know as Jeets. Cano Jeets to 3rd, Tex Jeets to 2nd, Jeets Jeets to SS.  Yes, I believe he is a H-O-F guy, hard to argue with 3,000 hits, but after last years bad year followed by this year, it ain't gonna get better. In his 3rd year of the contract he'll be using a walker to help him go left.  If you listen to the Yankee slew of TV announcers they're trying to fly the flag of greatness he is today. That flag is shreaded at least 2 years ago. Sorry guys, you can't convince anyone there is greatness to be seen at SS for these Yankees. And no replacement is sight. Next stop A-Rod, forget pitching. There's CC and no one to depend on. I expect the Yankees to finish  AT LEAST 10 games behind Boston. Oh yea, the Yanks have only 20 home games after August 1 - not a receipe for success.

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 6:17 pm

Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

@Bopper1402 you are a 49erfan, Spurs Fan, Yankee fan...and you're telling someone else to zip it? wo! wow! talk about a bandwagon renter...anything you say is absolutely are not a fan, you just pick winning teams just  "zip it" because you know nothing about sports.

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 12:34 pm

Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

CUSEYOURSELF writes that
Jeter has aeffected baseball more than Hank Aaron.
Not sure what aeffected means (maybe it's something bad) but let's assume that CUSEYOURSELF meant to write "affected."

Now how many major league baseball records does Jeter hold, or will he hold, when he finishes his career?  The number 0 (zero) stands bright.  As opposed to how many such records Aaron holds-  most career runs batted in (2,297), the most career extra base hits (1,477), and the most total bases (6856).  Hank Aaron is also in the top five for career hits with 3,771 (third), runs with 2,174, which is tied for fourth with Babe Ruth, homeruns with 755 (second), sacrifice flies with 121 (fourth), and intetentional bases on balls with 293 (second).   He is one of only four players to have at least seventeen seasons with 150 or more hits. He also is in second place in at-bats (12,364), and in third place in games played (3,298).  And that's before you compare Aaron's lifetime stats to Jeter's.  Now Jeter is a HOF player who will probably be a first ballot selectee, but I do not believe he will come close to Aaron's 97.8% vote total.  Jeter won't even equal Cal Ripken's vote total.   Hank Aaron is always selected to the All-Time All-Star baseball team, while Jeter will always be looking in from outside the window.   Jeter's good but Aaron's great.  Now who really had the greater effect on baseball? 

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 12:10 pm
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Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

How soon some forget, DEREK JETER (MR. CLUTCH HITTER by his PEERS, need not say any more ). Captain Jeter, shows his supremency on the field, not by mouth. Benching Mr. Clutch, will not help his batting, game time batting will. My Captain is a true Captain. I know people will remark to my letter stating Derek Jeter is The Yankees best Captain bar none. the only one in my memories who is on an even plane is Captain Thurman Munson ( WOW Thurman Munson GREAT YANKEE ). On my team, I would rather have Mr. Clutch batting to win a game than any other player (PERIOD). REMEMBER ALL players bar none have slumps. Oh by the way Yankees Captain Derek ( Mr. Clutch ) Jeter, although hard to believe is HUMAN.

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 10:52 am

Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

No offense to the future hall-of-famer, but he should be benched/platooned regardless of league... His groundball / fly ball ratio is through the roof. He's an instant rally kill. 

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 9:06 am

Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

Evan- I can`t believe you get paid to write such silly things. Jeter will play everyday just as he has his whole career & this Yankees team needs him. Get off bashing him it`s just unprofessional and shows the jealousy of Yankee haters. No one`s suggesting Pedroia sit out next weeks game to get healthy are they Evan? Should the Giants skip Tim Lincecum`s next start b/c he`s had a few bad ones lately? See the point and respect what Jeter will accomplish which is the first Yankee with 3,000 hits which locks his HOF status and I`ll be interested to see how high a % of votes he gets.  I`d say <95%, even with haters like you in the media and all of New England. Get over it, you can`t hate greatness! 

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 7:44 am

Jeter Watch: Hitless, should he hit bench in NL?

Jeter shouldn't be benched because of the upcoming interleague games. I know that Yankee fans would love to see him get to 3K in Yankee Stadium but I think that baseball fans should be entitled to see Jeter because for all we know fans in the NL might now get to see play due to the possible talks about putting an end to interleague play,which would be a terrible mistake in my opinion. Regardless if you're a Yankee fan or not, Jeter's probably the most beloved Yankee player in MLB today. You would have to go back to the earlier Yankee years to find anyone who have had this amount of love and respect by peers throught MLB. The closest Yankee(s) that I can think of would have to be Don Mattingly,Babe Ruth,Micky Mantle,Lou Gehrig,Yogi Berra and any other Yankee players of that era.

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