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Pepper: Reyes a fit for BoSox; Guillen draft saga

Posted on: June 9, 2011 10:20 am
Edited on: June 9, 2011 11:32 am

What is the reason behind so many near no-hitters recently? Will the Red Sox improve to 6-0 this season at Yankee Stadium? Matt Snyder joins Lauren Shehadi with the answers.

By Evan Brunell

REYES TO RED SOX? Red Sox outfielder Mike Cameron calls Jed Lowrie "solid" and Marco Scutaro "pretty good" -- "but the talent [Reyes] possesses is very intriguing," he says.

Cameron, who was teammates with Reyes a few seasons ago and still keeps in touch, believes the shortstop could be a major part of a Boston squad looking to win the World Series.

"It's a different animal here [with the Red Sox]," Cameron said. "In Boston, there's one team there and the primary focus is nothing else but [a freaking] title. [But] I think they would love him because of the way he plays. Just the energy, man."

Reyes is an impending free agent, and with Lowrie, Scutaro and top prospect Jose Iglesias in the fold, it's difficult to imagine the Red Sox striking for Reyes. However, if the money and inclination is there, it's tough to deny that Reyes would provide an immediate boon to Boston. (New York Post)

One question, though: is investing in Reyes really a good idea? Vince Gennaro, a baseball economics author, says it would be foolhardy for the Mets -- or any other team for that matter -- to invest big dollars in a player having a career year.

"The odds that this is the new Jose Reyes and that he's going to have a five-year run that even remotely resembles this are minuscule," Gennaro said. "But that's not where the [New York] fan base is going to come from. They're going to look at this as one more sign, if he gets dealt, of a lack of commitment by ownership." (Wall Street Journal)

DRAFT RESULTS: Which teams had the best drafts of the just-concluded MLB draft? Those in the know tap the Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, Rays, Padres and Red Sox. (

PAY UP: Dodgers team owner Frank McCourt continues to scratch and claw to keep his team, and will be able to make June 15 payroll. That will allow him to still have the team during a court hearing on June 22 wto determine if ex-wife Jamie McCourt has a legal right to block the TV deal that would solve McCourt's financial problems. (USA Today)

: Ozzie Guillen doesn't have much patience for actor Sean Penn, who is fighting against U.S. perceptions that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is a dictator. The incredulous Guillen responded to an editorial Penn wrote recently and invited him to live in Venezuela for a year and see if his mind changes as to whether Chavez is good for the country or not. (Big League Stew)

ONEY'S BEEF: Ozzie's son, Oney, takes after his father in not being afraid to pop off. The ex-White Sox employee sarcastically tweeted that it was no surprise the White Sox drafted a black player with their first-round pick -- hinting at racial undertones of GM Kenny Williams. He later denied the claims, but it's tough to believe him especially when fellow brother Ozney went undrafted. (Chicago Sun-Times)

OZNEY'S PLIGHT: So Ozney probably won't ever play in the White Sox system if he ever enters professional baseball. Williams skated through the minefield of addressing the issue by saying he will not sign Ozney as an undrafted free agent because of the potential for distractions. In addition, Williams adds, there were no personal motivations not to draft Ozney because the White Sox can't afford to let personal issues get in the way of drafting players. (Chicago Tribune)

LOVE THE GLOVE: Remember how attached you were to your baseball glove as a kid? Well, baseball players haven't really changed. Torii Hunter inidcates he is especially fond of his gloves in a wide-ranging article dedicated to the love players show for their gloves. Hunter currently calls his glove Coco and formerly called his glove Sheila, Vanity, Susan and Delicious. He rarely lets his gloves out of sight.  "Every once in a while during batting practice, while I'm hitting, I'll turn around and look at my glove and say, 'Are you OK?' " Hunter says. "It's very personal. That glove was something that got me to the big leagues. I make a living with it." (Los Angeles Times)

NO BLOCKBUSTER: Don't expect the Phillies to make a major move at the trade deadline, GM Ruben Amaro says. Part of that is because of the quality of the club, but a bigger part has to do with the minimal dollars the Phillies have before they hit the luxury tax threshold. Skipper Charlie Manuel wants a bat, but if he gets one, it will be a complementary one. (CSN Philly)

IMPENDING PROMOTION? Lots of players are receiving the call to the majors now that the Super 2 deadline is firmly done with. But don't bet on Cubs' center fielder Brett Jackson arriving anytime soon, who is slumping after suffering a finger injury. (

TWO-FACED: Ohh, A-Rod... you just don't stop giving everyone ammunition, do you? Rodriguez signed on to be spokesperson for coconut water company Vita Coco despite investing copious amounts of money with rival Zico. "It's a hell of a lot more money than I ever invested in the company," confused Zico CEO Mark Rampolla said. (CNBC)

EASING IN: Brandon Lyon is returning to the Astros, but it will take him some time to reclaim the closer's role. (Houston Chronicle)

PAJAMA PARTY: The Rays had a pajama party Wednesday night as they prepared to leave Los Angeles. Click through for great pictures of the team. (St. Petersburg Times -- link 1, link 2, link 3)

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Pepper: Reyes a fit for BoSox; Guillen draft saga

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Pepper: Reyes a fit for BoSox; Guillen draft saga

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Pepper: Reyes a fit for BoSox; Guillen draft saga

I don't know where that "baseball economist" Gennaro is coming from. I disagree with him. Jose Reyes has not been the kind of player that, when he's discussed in baseball circles, draws the red flag for a lack of consistency. With Reyes it's always been about his health. So I'm not buying any logic about Reyes being a bad investment based on the numbers... because the numbers are actually pretty good. It's the intangibles like injury risk, which is elevated at the SS position obviously, that make you think twice. Jimmy Rollins is an aging star, but last time I checked he is still bringing something to the table. Reyes, at 27-28, is far from a bad investment if your team is ready to win now. The odds that Reyes has a good 5 year run with his next team are far greater than "miniscule". Reyes isn't putting up "astronomical" stats this year... he's just playing his game! The difference this year is that he's been healthy. Most guys can't produce while they're on the DL lol. His stats shouldn't surprise anyone at all. When Reyes is healthy his production can be expected to hover around these levels. In the right situation Reyes can definitely do enough to earn that contract.

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 3:00 pm

Pepper: Reyes a fit for BoSox; Guillen draft saga

I agree that Reyes isnt going to the Sox, but I also agree that he would provide a huge upgrade to the SS position from what we have--that being said as much of a upgrade he would be I do not believe that he would be worth what Crawford/Gonzo got for their paydays.
I think that the Yankees will grab him and then perhaps slide Jeter over to full time DH.
I would still love to see the Sox grab him just for the sake of having their infield set for years to come...then focus on rebuilding their farm system.

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 11:03 am

Pepper: Reyes a fit for BoSox; Guillen draft saga

Reyes is definitely NOT going to the Red Sox. The Sox probably won't be making a top-tier trade for the next couple seasons. Most of their recent elite prospects are either at the show with the Sox (Pap, Buchholz, Lester, Pedroia, Elllsbury, Lowrie, Bard) or have been traded away already (Hagadone, Price and Masterson for VMart, Rizzo/Fuentes/Kelly for Adrian Gonzalez). While the system still has some talent, the Sox need to let the thing breathe a bit and stockpile a little. Besides, after Scutaro is gone you still have the Lowrie/Iglesias combo which isn't bad. Never mind the extension Reyes would be looking for, after the mega deals handed out to Crawford/Gonzalez, I can see the Sox playing their finances close to the vest for a while. Besides, where would be bat? Nice problem to have though wouldn't it?

But I don't think he's staying in NYC either dubz. The Mets don't have the cash to sign him long term (thanks Bernie Madoff!) and would be crazy not to try to grab some elite young talent back for Reyes. The Mets don't have much in the pipeline, they need a serious infusion of young guns. In the NL East, the Mets probably have the least amount of interesting young talent.

I agree matty dubz, imagine that lineup 1-9.

1. Reyes SS
2. Pedroia 2B
3. Gonzalez 1B
4. Youkilis 3B
5. Ortiz DH
6. Crawford LF
7. Drew RF
8. Saltalamachhia C
9. Ellsbury CF

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 10:34 am

Pepper: Reyes a fit for BoSox; Guillen draft saga

reyes isnt going to the sox. hes staying in new york. but the fantasy being reyes on the sox would be the greatest line up assembled in mlb history

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