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MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

Posted on: June 6, 2011 11:27 pm
Edited on: June 7, 2011 7:37 am
MLB Draft
By Matt Snyder

With the first round of the MLB Draft in the books, let's take a quick glance at what we saw transpire.

-- It didn't take long for the first surprise pick, as Danny Knobler wrote. The Mariners took left-handed pitcher Danny Hultzen. The ensuing tweets from scouts could be summarized by shock, and pretty much all of them noted their mock drafts were already blown up. One note on Hultzen: he's been said to be the type of pitcher who won't need much time in the minors, as he's already seasoned. If he develops as expected, he could be a nice No. 3 behind Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda for years.

-- Two of the first three picks were from UCLA. Trevor Bauer had the superior numbers, but pretty much everyone agrees Gerrit Cole has the higher upside. Cole went first to the Pirates.

-- The other first-round surprise seemed to be that Anthony Rendon fell down to pick No. 6. He was pretty much the consensus No. 1 player entering the season, but injuries hampered his junior year at Rice. The Nationals grabbed him in what most scouts called a steal. He's said to have big-time power. One question I've seen from fans is why the Nats took him, a third baseman, when they already have Ryan Zimmerman. Well, there are lots of unknowns, that's why. The Nats felt he was the best player on the board. Rendon did see time at second base this spring and moving a power hitter to first is always a possibility. I think the third-base question is one of those you don't answer until you have to. Several scouts noted the Nationals came away with the most talented player in three straight drafts (Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper being the last two).

-- The Mets took Brandon Nimmo 13th overall. The pick was notable for several reasons. He's from Wyoming, where they don't even have high school baseball. Nimmo became the first player from Wyoming to be picked in the first round. In fact, no player from Wyoming had ever even been taken before the sixth round (and that happened in 1966). Also notable was the Mets going with the big-upside pick, as Nimmo is a high-ceiling high school kid.

-- The Diamondbacks have drawn rave reviews for getting two power arms in the first seven picks in Bauer and Archie Bradley. And you gotta love the social media, because Bradley tweeted Bauer with "hit me up man we need to talk lol."

-- The Royals added to their stable of talented youngsters with local product Bubba Starling. It was noted by one scout on Twitter that the Royals could have gone with someone closer to a big-league stint (Starling is in high school), but that general manager Dayton Moore doesn't just want all his eggs in one basket (the current crop of minor-league talent soon to hit the bigs). He wants another wave to follow it.

-- Of the 30 picks, 12 were high school players, one was a Juco player and the rest were juniors in college. That's right, no seniors in 30 picks. Isn't there outrage in other sports when guys leave school early? Here's the difference, though: In baseball, you don't declare for the draft. You are just eligible and drafted if ready. I'm not an NBA or NFL guy, but I feel like if the rules were similar, there might be less whining about guys not getting an education.

-- In our instant gratification society, there might be a rush to judge picks immediately, but remember, this is where baseball is worlds different than football or basketball. It might be five years before you see some of these players, especially the ones from out of high school. So if you see a site doing draft grades, take it with a grain of salt.

[NOTE: When I mention what scouts were saying, I was following scouting outlets on Twitter. I did not talk to any scouts personally about any of these players.]

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MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

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MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

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MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

Cubs' Hendry is at it again.

You know they are going to play at Wrigley because they've been playing at Wrigley for 100 years yet they still fail to draft, develop and teach players the game as it will be played in the majors at the home park.

 Starlin Castro is a Leftfielder. Have you seen him play short? He's awful. He can't even tag a base stealer.  They rushed the kid to the majors having taught him nothing about the game. Just like the Cubs always do. Draft and HOPE instead of draft and develop/ teach. Hendry is the worst GM I've ever seen and the Cubs organization is a joke.

When Hendry drafted Vitters (a 3B out of HS), Matt Wieters (a college catcher) was on the board. (The Orioles JUMPED on him w/ the next pick.) The Cubs had nothing at catcher (that was the year before Geo Soto got his "shots") and had just signed Aramis Ramirez to an extension? Idiots. Corey Patterson, Felix Pie, Rich Hill, Angel Guzman, Hee Sop Choi, Ty Colvin, Lou Montanez. Has this boob ever done anything to warrant keeping his job?

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 11:46 am

MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

Does anyone else think that it is stupid to draft in the first round high school players already committed to colleges?  I am also wondering about the trend of selecting college juniors in the opening round.  To me, it seems like you are setting yourself up to over pay these kids, as they have you over a barrel from the get go.  Either you over pay me or I go play QB for Nebraska, or "Gee, my parents are dead set on me completing my college education first."  If you don't overpay, then you lose your rights to the kid if he doesn't sign by the deadline, and wind up with a supplimental pick at the end of next year's first round.   Even then the college juniors still have you over a barrel at the deadline because they know you will lose their rights.  It definitely seems like a sellers market this year in free agency.

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 11:39 am

MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

Yeah Crpls, it goes at least to the 12th round and it really isn't a big committment in baseball dollars. If a guy tries for 4 years and doesn't pan out, its pretty easy to spot the guy $100,000 for college. In fact, because the baseball draft is so different from other sports, I doubt there is any 'round limit' at all. It probably just depends on the situation.
Also, though, for guys like Starling, I believe they are absolutely eligible to receive scholarships in another sport. I distinctly remember watching a Big 12 game this year and Musberger and Herbstreit talking about how OSU had to put QB Weedon (ex baseballer) on scholarship because he wasn't allowed to participate in certain activities if he remained a walk-on. 

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 10:57 am

MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

Of course the D-backs would draft two pitchers it is in Kirk Gibson blood.

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MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

Keep this in mind as well...  Bubba Starling was picked up by the Royals to be a baseball player, but Starling has also committed to Nebraska to play football as a quarterback.  Starling can try his hand at baseball after getting his signing bonus, and still end up playing football for the Cornhuskers down the road.  He just wouldn't be able to play baseball for Nebraska. 

Similarly, C.J. Henry was a first round pick for the Yankees back in 2004, but never panned out.  The Yankees said they would pay his tuition (since he would not be eligible for any scholarships anymore) to any school after he left baseball.  He chose Memphis, but then transferred to Kansas to play with his brother Xavier Henry in 2010.  He is now playing basketball in the NAIA.  There is life after the amateur draft; it just might not be in baseball.

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:10 am

MLB Draft: First-round tidbits

I'm not a sbig a believer in Anthony Rendon's power as the writer here seems to be.  His hit tool & defensive ability at 3b are probably his most notable strengths & I think he could move quickly.  The fact that the Undead Expos already have a plus defender at 3b is interesting so it will bear watching to see where Rendon ends up.

Washington did very well though - Rendon, Alex Meyer & Brian Goodwin were all fantastic values in my opinion when the club popped them. 

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 5:52 am

MLB Draft: First round tidbits

Keep in mind that while many, many baseball players leave school early (or skip college), almost all of them are given $$$ to go to school (or finish it) in case baseball doesn't work out. This money is completely separate from any signing bonus.

I'm not sure how deep it goes in the draft... I know Kevin Goldstein at BP says it goes beyond the 10th round for sure.

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