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Wolff believes Geren is 'terrific' manager

Posted on: May 26, 2011 2:27 pm
Wolff, Geren

By Evan Brunell

Oakland owner Lew Wolff weighed in on the Bob Geren fiasco to in favor of Geren, as the manager comes under fire for poor communication skills.

Bob Geren controversy

Wolff said that Geren has been "fantastic" and likes "the way he deals with everyone."

All due respect to Wolff, what exactly is he supposed to say? An owner should always back up his manager publicly, even if there are issues internally. It's why a vote of confidence tends to spell doom.

"I think Bob's fine, terrific," Wolff said of Geren as a manager. "It's a tough job."

One issue that has cropped up is that Geren is a close friend of GM Billy Beane, serving as best man for Beane's wedding. However, Wolff doesn't feel as if Geren's received any more of a leash thanks to his friendship, suggesting the opposite.

"Billy delayed Bob's career for reasons like that, which I thought was silly," Wolff said. "Billy's goal is to win ballgames, and he evaluates everything."

Prior to Wednesday's game, Geren called a private team meeting and refused to speak about what was discussed.

"Just a meeting to talk about the team, and that's it," Geren said. It's easy to figure out that the purpose of the meeting was to try to get everyone on the same page, clear the air with regard to communication issues and get the club focused on winning games. Whether that can be done with Geren or not remains to be seen.

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Wolff believes Geren is 'terrific' manager

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Wolff believes Geren is 'terrific' manager

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Wolff believes Geren is 'terrific' manager

When the owner sticks up for coach or manager he is as good as gone. Based on today's news this is so true.

Just why exactly do owners publicly "support" guys that they are about to fire.

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 5:10 pm

Wolff believes Geren is 'terrific' manager

Contrary to popular belief Billy Beane still has the magic touch in evaulating players. Remember how the A's fans were so upset when he traded Carlos Gonzalez? Gonzalez had one great season last year, but this year he is showing his true colors. He is terrible and probably has reached his peak. Which explains why Boras did not let him test free agency. Having said that, I wish we could take back the Milton Bradley for Andre Ethier trade. Ethier has proven to be a consisten 20+ homer guy whule Bradley was less productive with the A's.

Bob Geren only got the job because he and Beane are best buddies and the fact that he was a "great bullpen coach". After this season is over I see Beane firing Geren or Wolff firing Beane. I agree that we need new blood running this team. I'm sure Wolff can find a good replacement for Beane. I would take one of Sandy Alderson's "LTs" in a heart beat. On second thought.....I would rather give Kim NG a shot at GM.

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 4:39 pm

Wolff believes Geren is 'terrific' manager

No, what Mr. Wolff really said is that Bob Geren is "terrible". Mediocrity is defintely flourishing in the East Bay no thanks to "The Gamekiller".

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