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Rizzo disciplined; Rodriguez fined

Posted on: May 23, 2011 8:16 pm
By C. Trent Rosecrans

Mike RizzoMajor League Baseball has disciplined Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo and fined catcher Ivan Rodriguez for their role in an altercation with an umpiring crew last week, the Washington Post reports.

According to the report, the league considers the manner "closed." Rodriguez has been fined "an undisclosed amount."

Rodriguez was many of Nationals to confront umpires after Phil Cuzzi erroneously called Jayson Werth out on a close play at first base in a loss to the Mets.

According to a report (denyed by Rizzo), umpires called security after Rizzo confronted them outside their dressing room. Later, Rizzo said his confrontation with the umpires had nothing to do with the play in the ninth. Either way, neither the umpires nor MLB appreciated it.

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Rizzo disciplined; Rodriguez fined

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Rizzo disciplined; Rodriguez fined

First off, you are an idiot.  Secondly, if you have ever been in a position that requires you to make decisions quickly, you would realize that making mistakes is part of life.  What separates you.....and yes, I do asssume you have never been in any kind of authoritative position, from the umpires that allegedly made the wrong call is that you would be too afraid to make the call one way or another.  The league has to protect the umpires for their mistakes, as they know they are inevitable.  Just as, I assume CBS has to allow for your short minded comments.

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Rizzo disciplined; Rodriguez fined

once again umpires are put up on a pedestala dn never have to answer for bad calls..just another example of the stupidity of baseball...the ump blew the call to high heavens and yet no action against him no answer from him ..mnakes no sense..go to  agame and watch the umps they are terrible and what is worse they do not care caue they do not ave to care caus ebaseball allows them to stink

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