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L.A. beating suspect arrested

Posted on: May 22, 2011 12:25 pm
Edited on: May 22, 2011 9:54 pm
By C. Trent Rosecrans

Giovanni Ramirez has been arrested and for assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $1 million bond in the opening day beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow.

The Los Angeles police department also noted they are on the trail of the second man accused of beating Stow, as well as the woman that drove both of them from the scene.

A Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team apprehended a man at about 7 a.m. this morning. Police used loudspeakers and had their guns drawn, calling out to the occupants of Apartment 25 of a three-story apartment building in East Hollywood.

Ramirez, 31, has at least three prior convictions. He was convicted of attempted robbery in 1998, robbery in 1999 and firing a weapon in a public place, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Times reports a parole agent called LAPD about his suspicion that a parolee under his watch matched the description of one of the suspects. Ramirez reportedly had fresh tattoos on his neck in an apparent attempt to cover a tattoo which had been identified by witnesses to the beating.

The Giants have released a statement about the news:

“Today’s arrest in the Bryan Stow case is welcome news in what has been a very difficult time for the Stow family. We commend the Los Angeles Police Department for their hard work and we are confident that they will continue to dedicate themselves until all of those responsible for this senseless act of violence have been brought to justice. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Bryan Stow and his family and we thank the community for its tremendous support for the Stow family during this difficult time.”  
Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has also issued a statement:

"First and foremost, our thoughts today are with Bryan Stow and his family and we hope that this announcement brings them a small measure of relief in what has been an extremely difficult time in their lives.

On behalf of the Dodger organization and our fans, I want to extend our most sincere appreciation and ‘thank you’ to Chief Charlie Beck and the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department.  From the outset, the Chief made an unwavering commitment to do everything possible to find and apprehend the suspects in the brutal and cowardly attack that took place against Mr. Stow on Opening Day.  

From that point forward, I gave my word to Chief Beck that he would have the full support of everyone at the Dodgers and we have worked in close partnership with the LAPD on this matter. We pledge our continued cooperation with law enforcement authorities during the prosecution phase that will ensue. 

The Dodgers are committed to providing our fans the safest sports venue in the United States – this is a commitment that we take very seriously.

Chief Beck, thank you for using every available LAPD resource to find and arrest this suspect, who will now be brought to justice."

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L.A. beating suspect arrested

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L.A. beating suspect arrested

Hey spinachjerk; mix in a comma, period, semicolon, or even a question mark my severely ignorant friend. Where in the hell did you get your English language education? I'm guessing that you somehow learned English on the street corners and not in the classroom. Dude; you're embarrassing yourself with your takes and your horrific grammar. Just stay off this network and crawl back into the hole you carved out in anticipation of Saturday's doomsday forecast. Please stay in that personal hell-hole you've created for yourself and let the rest of us communicate in a somewhat civil manner. 

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L.A. beating suspect arrested

While the USA states "justice for all" and a fair trial before jury, I hope when the guilty verdict is read there is a BIG guy in the courtroom who bypassed security and takes 1 big round of bullets to this thuds head!!!  While there are some Mexicans that are wonderful citizens, it's people like this who should never be in this Country.  Whether born here or not, it's a waste of tax dollars to put them behind bars for the rest of their lives.  Sounds like this is a 3rd strike, but Bubba Joe will most certainly love this guy when they hear he hurt an innocent person.  I have compassion, but in this case I have none.  They say when you turn your life to God you can change.  In this case, he turned to the fastest tattoo artist to get away with it!  Oh how I wish we were in the MidEvil times where we could see this guy boiled to death, hung, beheaded or burned to death!  I would so have my big screen lit up for all to see!  Thud...NOPE.....human being...NOPE...He is not worthy of being called anyone or anything!

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Reports: L.A. beating suspects in custody

Obviously armsbreaker73 crave for attention and hopefully base on the response he's getting from all his post from some of us, he is satisfied and happy now that he will crawl back to which ever hole he crawl out from and just go back to sleep. So I take it that base on armsbreaker73 way of thinking, the sign at the Dodger Stadium should read " Come and watch the game at your own risk" Have fun. armbreaker73, you are a very sick sad man to even think the way you did and not even have the slightest feeling of sadness for the victim but you know what, I'm not surprise, thats why those 2 people exist in our society in the first place because there are people that do think like you in this world and we just have to deal and live with it.

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Posted on: May 22, 2011 3:16 pm

Report: L.A. beating suspect in custody

My first post  , think LA has a gangster mentality that residents accept . I grew up there in southwest LA back in the 50's & early 60's . In the fifties if a combatant went down , it was considered dirty to continue to beat him when he was down , and a real man never kicked another when he was down . Occasionally a "church key" would show up at a high school football game , gangs were around but were more underground , no such thing as " colors " unless they were kept secret . In the 60's things started to change . As we became more involved in war ( Viet Nam ) and drugs , street rules changed as in there were no longer any . By the time the 70's emerged it seemed the more violent the crime the better street cred . Then came Rap & video games brought more attention to the point of glorifying the drugdealer/gangbanger bringing younger and younger aged recruits . The good news is that some Rappers are seeing the destruction of Gansta Rap and are creating a more responsible credo . Bottom line those felons among us are losing their hold and more of the " bad Seeds " whose families would be better off if they didn't exist will be given up by their own communities as they fight to regain control . If they do get these guys that beat up the unfortunate San Francisco fan , they should be handed over to the MMA and used as punching bags for a couple months while they're waiting to be prosecuted . If you can't handle another guy one on one , you're not a man anyhow , only girls ask for help to beat down another person  .

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Report: L.A. beating suspect in custody

first of all the victim in this case is not a martyr or a hero he is just someone who got carried away in his own self importance and someone who was unaware of the hazard and danger he was in he forgot to realize how volatile his situation could become maybe he made a condescending comment or a casual insult to a dodger fan who knows we do not know what the events were that precipatated this event we know the result and we have heard sporadic witness accounts and hearsay second hand statements we need to be careful and discreet in evaluating and determining whether this man will be indicted and what his eventual penalty will be if he is indeed found guilty before a court of law we need to remember that fan is short for fanatic and a fans nature is to be very emotional and very tempermental it does not take much to stoke this emotion between opposing fans just as it does not take much to fuel violent events among the players themselves

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Report: L.A. beating suspect in custody

While we're at it, lets not feel bad for our injured vets who were dumb enough to go to Iraq or Afganistan.  And no pity for rape victims, who clearly had it coming.  Nice logic.

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Report: L.A. beating suspect in custody

Wow armjerker77; I wish your comment could have made the page. I've never seen a -100 post before and can only speculate that it must have been horrendous since the other brilliant statements you are credited worth became public. Please shut up and cut your losses, my Neanderthal friend!

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Report: L.A. beating suspect in custody

So armbreaker73, if yo momma got raped in a "bad crime area" it's her fault? 

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