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Viral infection plaguing La Russa

Posted on: May 8, 2011 9:43 pm
By Matt Snyder
Cardinals manager Tony La Russa has been suffering for weeks with a viral infection on his face, in the area around his right eye (check out a picture that captures it well on ). It's been painful, caused discoloration and was even so swollen it nearly completely closed his eye at one point. Before Sunday's game against the Brewers, La Russa said he felt "miserable," noting day games are worse than night games because of the sunlight.

Monday, the Cardinals are off and La Russa was planning on heading to Arizona anyway, relating to his duties with Animal Rescue Foundation. While he's there, he's going to have his infection examined at the Mayo Clinic.

La Russa reportedly reiterated that he wouldn't be going on the trip if it wasn't for his commitment to the ARF and that he fully intends to keep managing the Cardinals.

"I trust the doctors," he told the Post-Dispatch . "But I trust they're going to tell me, ‘See you Tuesday night''' in Chicago.

The long-time manager said he doesn't believe his condition is affecting his ability to manage the team during games, though he did say that's about all he is able to do.

"I'm not doing much. (Other than the games) I shut it down. I don't do much of anything else. It's been very hard to do anything else. The adrenaline of the game makes that better than anything before or after. It's the before and after that's been the hardest. It doesn't bother you that much during the game. That game is the best time."

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Viral infection plaguing La Russa

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Viral infection plaguing La Russa

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