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Wedge chews out team after loss

Posted on: April 16, 2011 6:05 pm
By C. Trent Rosecrans

Eric WedgeMariners manager Eric Wedge isn't too happy with his team. At 4-11 and losers of 11 of their last 13, there's little for him to be happy about.

"That's the problem, it's the same thing, different day and it's unacceptable," Wedge said after the game, according to Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times. "We're not going to keep watching this. We're going to get better and we're going to address it, obviously, as we've been doing as a team and individually, but we're going to get better. We're not going to keep doing what we've bending here."

Wedge, in his first year with the Mariners, was asked what he could say to the players.

"You're doing the work, but ultimately you've got to take it into the game," he said. "I want them to have the mindset that's aggressive and such to where we're up there ready for anything. Anything and everything. Whether it be at home plate or out in the field or wherever it may be. I don't what to be in-between. In-between doesn't win ballgames."

Neither does averaging nearly an error a game (13 in 15 games), including two on Saturday, nor does going 0 for 9 with runners in scoring position as Seattle did against the Royals.

Wedge said we wouldn't share exactly what he said to his players, but it's fair to say it wouldn't be found on a  greeting card.

"I had a few choice words for them," Wedge said. "I'm not real happy right now. I made it real clear how we're going to go about our business here."

The Mariners are last in the American League in team batting average (.214), next-to-last in slugging (.312) and 10th in OBP (.299). They're also next-to-last in the American League in team ERA at 4.89 and have allowed a league-high 82 runs and also have a league-high 13 unearned runs. Only two American League teams have committed more errors than the Mariners' 13. 

In short, they're not very good.

Speeches are nice and they're fun, but it's not going to change much for the Mariners this season, there's just not enough talent on the team to be competitive. But at least Wedge has an awesome mustache. Maybe he should give his team Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness.

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Posted on: April 18, 2011 12:50 am

Wedge chews out team after loss

At least Wedge has a real mustache. It looks 10% better than those ridiculous "soul patches" and fiddly little beards that the players wear. They look like a bunch of women or school kids, all following the "style trend."

Since: Mar 17, 2011
Posted on: April 17, 2011 11:20 pm

Wedge chews out team after loss

And another thing least I forget. Wedgie needs to shave off that awful and nerdy mustache before anyone can take him seriously. When his Twitchy Arse was in Cleveland he went from Nerd to Beard to Mustache and back to clean-shaven. He looks like a sneaky character who has no business running a team. I know some people probably think I'm exaggerating or taking my dislike of him a little too far, but if you were a Cleveland fan and had to endure Wedge-Speak and Wedge-Moves for what seemed like a decade, than maybe you'd have alittle more empathy for what he did to the spirit the Cleveland baseball fan. Okay, I kidding a little but look at our attendance despite a good record. Wedgie, Shapiro and Dolan are the cause for the empty stands at the Jake (I mean The Prog(ressive--ugh).

Since: Mar 17, 2011
Posted on: April 17, 2011 11:10 pm

Wedge chews out team after loss

What a joke Wedgie is! He's got a lot of nerve chewing out anyone but himself for being a 3rd rate manager who lucked out in the first place when he got the Indian's job. If it wasn't for his brother Mark Shapiro, he'd still be wallowing in the minors right where he belongs. Someone tell me please how this guy lasted so long in Cleveland? If he was managing any other franchise he'd have been fired several times. Wedgie and Shapiro had a bond and they used to spout "Wedge-Speak" and "Shapiro-Speak" like they were talking MBA models instead of MLB strategy. Who else would take the lucky Wedgie but another floundering, we-don't-have-a-clue-how-to-run-anything, hapless Seatle Mariners organization. Now if Wedgie gets fired next year during the beginning of the season, maybe Pittsburg will give him another chance since they can't be matched in ineptitude and maintaining their status as the rock bottom of all-time bottom feeders.

Since: Aug 18, 2006
Posted on: April 17, 2011 2:58 pm

Wedge chews out team after loss

Hard to put their lack of performance on Wedge.  The team just isn't very talented.  Ichiro's offensive skills appear to be diminishing and he's no longer close to a gold glove fielder.  The only real talent on the M's is Felix and Pineda; everyone else is a 24th/25th man on a real team, or worse.  Figgins was supposed to be some big signing, but he has been just awful, both on the field and attitude-wise.

Since: Sep 26, 2010
Posted on: April 17, 2011 10:01 am

Wedge chews out team after loss

Hey Seattle fans, every season is going to start like this as long as you have Wedge as your manager.  Slow starts are his MO.  He must be feeling the pressure as outbursts like this are out of character for him.

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