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Greinke out for beginning of season

Posted on: March 8, 2011 6:05 pm
Edited on: March 8, 2011 8:40 pm
By Evan Brunell

GreinkeSlated to be the Brewers' Opening Day ace, Zack Greinke will instead miss the beginning of the season after a MRI revealed a bruised rib and hairline fracture, which the right-hander said was suffered while playing basketball.

"I've been [playing basketball] for a couple of years now and people always said, 'You're going to get hurt,'" Greinke told reporters at the Brewers' spring-training complex. "It finally caught up to me, playing basketball. I was going up for a rebound and fell on the side. I was hoping it was just bruised. I had a lot of fun doing it, but it wasn't worth it."

Greinke is expected to miss the first few weeks of the season -- about three starts worth. That's a rather optimistic prognosis, as the bone will take four to six weeks to heal, with two weeks already out of the way. Four weeks from March 8 is April 5, otherwise known as the day before Greinke's slated second start of the year. 

Ah, but then factor in needing to build his arm back up and throw some simulated games  -- if not rehab starts in the minors -- and Greinke could be out a lot longer.'s Scott Miller pegs a full month of missed time as a realistic target.

"He won't be ready for Opening Day," manager Ron Roenicke said. "How far we go past that, we don't know. He'll have one week with no throwing. Then, they maybe he can play some catch. We want to make sure we get him 100 percent. That's what we're going to do."

Anyone remember how much Jacoby Ellsbury struggled to return from hairline fractures in his ribs? Ellsbury appeared in just six games prior to the injury and then 12 the rest of the way. Even Jeremy Hermida, who suffered a similar injury with Boston but to a lesser extent, missed more time than originally anticipated. Add in how much torque and rotation is heaped upon the upper body of a starting pitcher, and the outlook isn't so rosy for Greinke.


In the righty's favor is that part of the injury is simply a bruised rib, which heals a lot faster than fractures. But even if Greinke has just one hairline fracture, that doesn't mean much. After all, Ellsbury had four hairline fractures while Hermida had five, and he missed 47 total days as compared to Ellsbury's 172 days.

"Until the bone heals, there's nothing you can really do except make it worse," Greinke added. "You've just got to let it heal. I'm just going to try to get back as fast as possible, healthy and ready to pitch."

Greinke got spring training off to a poor start before the injury was discovered. In his first start over 1 2/3 innings, he walked three, then followed it up with five hits allowed in two innings Sunday.

Now, the Brewers will have to scramble to find a replacement with no overwhelming candidates to fill Greinke's spot. The Brewers have a few internal candidates, but Milwaukee may opt to scour the waiver wire later on in spring training in the hopes of finding a capable replacement. Manny Parra has proven his inability to start, while Mark Rogers is unproven and may be a better fit for the bullpen.

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Since: May 24, 2007
Posted on: March 11, 2011 7:24 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

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Since: Nov 14, 2006
Posted on: March 10, 2011 1:08 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

Good thinking....Then the Yankee's and Red Sox can meet in the ALCS every year and no one else other than there fans will care.  What a stupid pint of view on your part..

Except the Yankees and Sox don't meet in the ALCS every year.

What a stupid comment on your part.


In response to azkcfan's dumb A$$ comment.

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 10:51 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

Bronson 90210.  Karma Baby is not the fact he left the Royals it's the fact he quit last year and thought he can do anything he wants.  Not a team player.  You act a fool and it comes back at you..  No respect here for a quitter. At least play for your team mates or at the very least your self respect. Once again playing basketball is more important to him than staying health and helping the Brewers win.  Karma Baby, Karma.

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 10:40 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

In response to BKLYN77 Dumb a%% comment.

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 10:38 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

Good thinking....Then the Yankee's and Red Sox can meet in the ALCS every year and no one else other than there fans will care.  What a stupid pint of view on your part..

Since: Feb 20, 2011
Posted on: March 9, 2011 5:46 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

I don't blame him at all for playing basketball. By the sound of it, he was really getting into it and having a good time. He's a young guy, and hairline fractures usually heal up good and don't bother you a whole lot. I'd like to see him pitch opening day, but if not, the Brewers aren't screwed or anything. They have an all-around solid team. Don't tell me how they have "holes" at closer. If anything, they might have bad baserunning.

Since: Apr 4, 2008
Posted on: March 9, 2011 5:10 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

Cal Ripken played basketball for hours most days during the off-season and if memory serves me correctly, he didn't miss many baseball games over it.  Its a freak accident people, he could have tripped over a kid's toy and cracked a damn rib.  Stuff happens.

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 4:40 pm
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Posted on: March 9, 2011 3:18 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

CC Sab in NY, Carpenter in St Louis, even Santana for teh Mets, I can see calling them aces, but a guy with a LIFETIME record of 60-67 and a LIFETIME ERA of almost 4.0 who are we kidding?  Is everyone trying to make the Brewers feel good for agreeing to that contract, and now he's hurt and will miss at least four to five starts (maybe three to four if he's lucky).  He's got the Cy on his shelf for ONE good season, I'll give him credit for that, butotherwise he is a mid level pitcher at best.  Let him put together two or three good seasons before we throw around the Ace title.

Since: Nov 14, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2011 1:03 pm

Greinke out for beginning of season

The MLB needs to start contracting teams. The Brewers, Seattle, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Marlins, Baltimore, Mets, Oakland A's, White Sox. None of these teams have a chance to win anything of meaning. Oh Pittsburgh, and KC, Tigers( shit hole city ) Toranto Jays, no reason to even play the season

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